13 Continuity Errors That Gave Superfans a Conniption

You’ll never be able to unsee these.
13 Continuity Errors That Gave Superfans a Conniption

Making movies seems incredibly hard, so griping about continuity errors is a lot like a cheese sauce-drenched fan screaming at the world class athlete for not scoring. But our fandom and cheese sauce is all we have, so grab a ladle and join us for some laughs at these gaffes. Overall, we’re pretty forgiving with the countless little movie mistakes this industry has to offer. Many times, they go unnoticed, or they’re so minute that we shake it off and get right back to the magic. But these errors… These errors reminded us that we’re still in the real world, and that’s just unforgivable.

And in movies with such dedicated fandom, no less. How dare you?! We were off in Mordor, forgetting our own problems for a few hours to take on the problems of some hobbits. Hmm… Why do we crave conflict? Maybe that’s a question for another day. For now, let’s empathize with superfans everywhere who had to endure these 13 egregious continuity errors.

Two minutes for stick switching.

CRACKED THE MAGIC HOCKEY STICK. OLD SCHOOL UITMATC PACIFICA FIVEZI CIPICO In Mitch's new house, Frank the Tank accidentally smashes some glassware with the blade of a hockey stick. In the same swinging motion, the stick magically flips to the butt end.


Magic Mirror on the jeep…

CRACKED THE REAPPEARING MIRROR. CLUELESS During Cher's driver's test, she sideswipes a car and loses her rearview mirror. But when Cher pulls the car over, the mirror magically reappears undamaged.


Wait, did we miss something, Data?

CRACKED WHAT OCTOPUS? THE GOONIES While describing their adventure to a reporter, Data says the scariest part was the octopus. The octopus scene didn't make the final cut, so fans wondered what he meant. A 90's Disney Channel cut reinserted it, so it made sense for some viewers.


Maybe he’s just a really fast cleaner.

CRACKED MAGNETIC POPCORN? MEAN GIRLS While Janis and Damian watch a movie, Cady frightens them in her costume, and their popcorn goes flying everywhere. It's great for effect, but when the camera immediately cuts back to them, the popcorn bowl is full again.


Even Ralph Macchio agreed… Daniel clearly broke the rules.

CRACKED DANIEL-SAN'S WIN IS A LIE! THE KARATE KID UNDER EIGHTEEN ALL VALLEY KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP SEMI-FINALS SMITH VIDAL VIDAL FINALS LEATENCE ALL VALLEY LAMBENCE CHAMPION ESPINOZA LAWRENCE لهم REFEREE BROWN CROWN LAMUSSO SPECIAL The now-iconic crane kick was actually an illegal move because strikes to the face were not permissible. Ralph Macchio said, No hits to the face was clearly something when the referee made the list of things not to do.

The Wrap

To be fair, drywall patching and repainting would take quite a while.

CRACKED BULLET HOLES BEFORE THE BULLETS. PULP FICTION We're sure this wasn't Tarantino's nonlinear storytelling. Before the guy fires at Jules & Vincent in the apartment, we already see the bullet holes in the wall behind them.


The cowboy hat kind of looks like a pirate hat. But the sunglasses…

CRACKED VISIBLE CREW MEMBER. THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL On the Black Pearl, while Jack Sparrow yells, On deck, you scabrous dogs!, a crew member in a rolled up T-shirt, a cowboy hat, and sunglasses is just staring out to sea.


I’m cold. Let’s just get the reverse in the morning.

CRACKED RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY. BLADE RUNNER After the epic tears in rain speech, Roy Batty dies and releases a dove during an evening downpour. The reverse of the dove shows it flying off into a clear, sunny sky. Ridley Scott's 2007 Final Cut fixed this error.


“Hey man! Can we hitch a ride?”

CRACKED THE CAR JUST BEYOND THE SHIRE. THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING They must be really far from home, since after Sam says, If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest away from home I've ever been, we see a car driving in the background (kicking up a lot of dust).


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