13 Enduring Questions from TV and Movies That Still Haven't Been Answered

We now know Tony Soprano got whacked, but who’s Rory Gilmore’s baby daddy?!
13 Enduring Questions from TV and Movies That Still Haven't Been Answered

Some answers just aren’t meant to be known. And we just have to be okay with it. Aw, screw that! Come on, just tell us! Please. Look, after investing time into these characters’ lives, you owe us! If The Sopranos creator David Chase could finally admit that his ambiguous blackout ending was in fact Tony catching a bullet with the back of his head, then all you other tv shows and movies need to follow suit. We’ve waited long enough, and at this point, we’ll probably accept any answer you drop under the table.

Dramatic Irony is when the audience knows more than the characters, and that’s just comforting. We get to feel superior and a comfortable sense of control for a few fleeting moments in our normally chaotic lives. So why won’t these movies and TV shows grant us that comfort?! For now, all we can do is (yet again) ask these 13 enduring questions from TV and movies, and hope we one day get some answers.

We want to know more about the X-man of the group.

GRACKED WHAT'S WITH WALT'S POWERS? LOST One of the show's biggest mysteries was Walt's supernatural abilities. What exactly were they and where did they come from? Was he psychic? Не was written off the series after Season 2, and we never found out.

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This “documentary” couldn’t snag audio of one of the show’s most heartfelt moments?!

GRACKED WHAT DID РАМ SAY TO MICHAEL? THE OFFICE Before Michael boards the plane to Colorado, Pam tells him something in a heartfelt goodbye. Jenna Fischer said that it was her goodbye to Steve Carell, but this documentary didn't capture Pam's goodbye to Michael.


Rory? More like Maury! Am I right?

GRACKED WHO IS RORY'S BABY DADDY? GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN THE LIFE In the 2016 reboot's finale, Rory is pregnant but we never learn who the father is. Is it Paul, Logan Huntzberger, or the Wookiee-costumed one-night stand from NYC?


We’ll be asking the questions today, Forky.

GRACKED WHAT MAKES SOMETHING A TOY? TOY STORY 4 Bonnie creates Forky out of trash, but none of her classmates' crafts, or anything from craft time at the daycare in Toy Story 3 come to life. If it's the child's connection that brings it to life, how does an entire store of toys come to life in Toy Story 2?


Just give us a one-off finale where he finishes the list!

GRACKED DID EARL EVER FINISH HIS LIST? MY NAME IS EARL The entire plot involved his list of ways he's wronged others, and his attempts to make things right with everyone, but unfortunately, the show was canceled before he got a chance to finish it.

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Aww, you can’t leave us hangin’ Bender!

GRACKED WHAT'S THE PUNCHLINE OF BENDER'S JOKE? THE BREAKFAST CLUB While crawling through an air duct, Bender begins a joke about a naked blonde walking into a bar with a poodle and a six-foot salami. The air duct collapses, Bender falls through, and never completes the joke.

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We really hope those kids turned out alright!

GRACKED WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO SCOTT'S TOTS? THE OFFICE SIOTTS ra NAP SCOTT'S TOTS Michael promised to pay for the college education of an entire class, then had to break it to them that he (of course) could not. Did they go to college anyway? Did they take those lithium batteries? A where are they now could've been pretty awesome.

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Judy was sent to her room then never came back down.

GRACKED WHAT HAPPENED TO JUDY? FAMILY MATTERS The youngest Winslow child was in the first 4 seasons (95 episodes), then just disappeared with zero explanation. Where did she go? Four full seasons deserves at least a one line write-off.


Director Mary Harron called the ambiguous ending a mistake.

GRACKED WAS IT ALL IN PATRICK BATEMAN'S HEAD? AMERICAN PSYCHO The book makes it clear that he really kills all those people, but the film's ending has his lawyer laugh at his confession like it's a joke. This causes Bateman (and us) to wonder if it was all in his head.

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