Ah, the modern age -- a time of technological advances, data-driven decisions, and so much more. It’s a world where senior executives can be accused of smuggling drugs and Amsterdam can tell young British guys to stay away. It’s a world where a man can use an Apple AirTag to locate his stolen truck, a giant spoon can be stolen from a Dairy Queen, and a baby can be named after a late Oregon Ducks tight end.  It’s a world where a grandmother can be 36, a Bible can be deemed too explicit for children, and China can give its college students a week off to find love.

Welcome to the wild and wacky world of, well, 2023. This list is a compilation of some of the most interesting, strange, and unexpected stories of the past few weeks. From the power of data to the power of love, these stories might make you laugh, cry, and think twice about the world we live in... or just chuckle a bit on your commute. Either way.

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