13 Self-Owns from Self-Important Celebrities

The rarest moments of self deprecation.
13 Self-Owns from Self-Important Celebrities

Hearing our favorite comedians deprecate all over themselves is just the best. That sounded disgusting, but if you circle back, you’ll see the slight difference in what you may have thought was a much messier word. Anyways… We all know and love the self-deprecating funny folks who can pick themselves apart to a level just under sadness and pity. Because going too far can be a little unnerving for the rest of us. It seems a lot harder for some people, and they may not even realize that it’s a clear indicator of severe self-importance. Like, come on buddy, you’ve self defecated once or twice like the rest of us.

We’re human. We’re flawed, but laughing is fun, so get in on the action you pretentious prissies. Not that these folks are royal dignitaries or anything. They just have an air about them, and a penchant for taking themselves a little too seriously. Finding a rare moment where they came down from on high to poke fun at themselves was a breath of fresh air. Maybe they do see their flaws but just save face for the cameras. Well, we caught them! We caught these 13 incredibly rare self-owns from self-important celebrities.

Paris Hilton’s House of Wax promo.

CRACKED PARIS HILTON KNOWS PEOPLE WANT HER DEAD. To promote her 2005 movie House of Wax she acknowledged that she knew people would probably enjoy seeing her get brutally murdered by wearing a See Paris Die T-shirt to her D.J gigs.

People / Today 

Now that you mention it, why is Benedict Cumberbatch hot?

CRACKED BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH OWNS HIS UNIQUE LOOK. In the SNL sketch Why Is Benedict Cumberbatch Hot?, the host can't even fathom his sex appeal. Cumberbatch agreed, likening his looks to a hammerhead shark and Sid the sloth from Ice Age.

People / NBC 

It’s weird that you think he’d be normal.

CRACKED ELON MUSK KNOWS HE'S ABNORMAL. In his SNL monologue, he joked that people don't know what to make of him. I reinvented electric cars and I'm sending people to Mars on a rocket ship. Did you think I was going to be a chill, normal dude?

The Verge / NBC 

He really should play the Joker. Who do we have to call?!

CRACKED IN WILLEM DAFOE'S FACE! In his SNL monologue, he joked about his extremely expressive face, and that a lot of people tell him he should play the Joker. Always nice to remind people of a sociopath, eh?

Ranker / UWM 

It turns out everyone has four more fingers on each hand.

CRACKED PRESIDENT JIMMY CARTER'S APPROVAL RATING. My esteem in this country has gone up substantially. It is very nice to know that when people wave at me, they use all their fingers.

AZ Quotes / ABC 

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