12 Times Marvel Was Actually Pretty Funny

12 Times Marvel Was Actually Pretty Funny

We’ve all thrown some eye-rolls at comedic relief in action movies. They took a stab at comedy, bless their action movie-writing hearts. An even tougher task is having the sexiest people on the planet deliver the jokes. There’s a few gorgeous men (yes, we’re comfortable) who can bring the funny. Ryan Reynolds, Paul Rudd, and John Hamm come to mind. And stay there. Hubba Hubba. Where were we? Yes, action writers dipping their toes in comedy. Most heartthrobs haven’t mastered comedic timing, and that’s okay.

The MCU loves to relieve some of their more serious scenes with a zinger. It shows us that they don’t take themselves too seriously, cus after all, it’s a string of movies with grown ass people playing make believe in tights and capes. Most of the time, MCU jokes aren’t met with a belly laugh, or even a tepid “heh.” Luckily they only last a line or two before we get back to the smashy smashy. Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor: Ragnarok are standouts in the joke department, but we gave the others a once-over too. Here are 12 times the MCU was actually pretty funny.

She did warn you, Peter!

MANTIS READS PETER'S EMOTIONS. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL.2 CRACKED You feel romantic love. Romantic, sexual love. For her. When she points directly at Gamora, Drax laughs hysterically like Peter is caught with a middle school crush. Then Mantis laughs in his face too.


Not a friend friend. A work friend.

A FRIEND FROM WORK. THOR: RAGNAROK CRACKED When Thor is set to fight The Hulk, his genuine glee is funny enough, but proclaiming that he's a friend from work shows that's what he thinks they do together. Work. Like clocking in at the office.


Who? What? Where? Why? And How?

DRAX'S UNINTENTIONAL ZINGER. CRACKED AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR In a stand-off with Tony Stark, Quill asks, Where is Gamora? Stark responds with, I'll do you one better. Who is Gamora? Drax triples down with, I'll do you one better. Why is Gamora?


To be fair, a giant parakeet would be hilarious.

THOR NEEDS A HORSE. THOR CRACKED Thor struts into a pet store proclaiming, I need a horse, and the shop employee looks at him like he's insane. Не responds that they have dogs, cats, and birds, and Thor says, Then give me one of those large enough to ride.


Rocket’s weird obsession with body parts.

QUILL'S SPECIAL MISSION. GRACKED GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Rocket sends Peter on a mission as if this prosthetic leg is integral to the prison break. Не hands it to Rocket, who says, I just thought it'd be funny. What did he look like hopping around? Even funnier, Quill had to pay the guy for it.


Hey y’all. Look how cool I am!

MARY POPPINS: COOL DUDE. CRACKED GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: VOL. 2 While they descend on Ego, Peter tells Yondu, You look like Marry Poppins. Yondu asks, Is he cool? And Peter responds, Yeah, he's cool. Yondu then shouts, I'm Marry Poppins y'all!


31 Flavors, and none of them involve pretzels.

ANT-MAN AT BASKIN ROBBINS. - - - - ANT-MAN CRACKED While Scott is working at Baskin Robbins, a guy strolls in and asks for a burger, then a pretzel, then just whatever's hot and fresh. Scott says, Darby, could you just, uh, take care of this idiot?


Gruff characters being gruff is gold.

I'M NOT KISSING YOU. CRACKED CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Before Captain America leaps from the speeding car, Agent Carter says, Wait, and gives him a kiss. Не looks to Colonel Phillips, who hilariously states, I'm not kissing you. Tommy Lee Jones' delivery is perfect.


Iron Man nailed Thor. So Thor hammered him.

STARK'S SHAKESPEARE BURN. CRACKED THE AVENGERS Iron Man completely roasts Thor when they first meet. Uh... Shakespeare in the park? Doth mother know you weareth her drapes? With the way Thor talks and dresses, this is a solid roast.


A little extra arch on an r can totally look like an n.

TONY'S NEW, IMPROVED NAME. CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR CRACKED For some perfect comedic relief after Stark and Rhodes' very serious scene, Stan Lee pops in as a FedEx driver asking, Are you Tony Stank? Rhodes (and the rest of us) get a kick out of this one.


An equally funny and precious moment from Hulk.

ANT-MAN'S TACO TROUBLES. AVENGERS: END GAME CRACKED When Scott is about to take a bite of his taco, the Guardians' ship flies in and blows its contents away. Не takes a few verbal jabs, before Hulk walks by and hands him two of his own tacos. It's a touching moment... About tacos.


The white boy conveyor belt.

BROKEN WHITE BOYS. CRACKED BLACK PANTHER After Shuri's efforts to fix Bucky Rogers, Everett Ross is brought in with a bullet wound. She looks him over and says, Another broken white boy to fix. She's got better things to do, fellas.

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