12 Creepy Sitcom Moments From Actors Who Turned Out To Be Monsters

Nobody wanted this art to imitate life.
12 Creepy Sitcom Moments From Actors Who Turned Out To Be Monsters

Were they trying to get caught?! You have to think, if an actor had some skeletons in the closet, why would they allow any inkling of proof to be shown in the slightest? Especially on camera! Don’t they know these moments potentially live on forever? Are these just weird coincidences of unknowing writers passing scripts to now-nervous actors? Or did the actors clearly have some shady stuff on their minds, and happen to have a say in the material? Either way, they’re made all the grimier now that we know what we know. 

From what we can tell, there had to be some cockiness involved. Like those dastardly serial killers who leave clues for detectives, thinking there’s no way these morons will ever find out. But sometimes, since the actors brought some of their unsavory personality traits to their characters, those traits later revealed themselves in pretty shocking ways. So, these scenes may have felt pretty harmless at the time — actually, some of them are just outright problematic — but looking back, they’re now some of the creepiest on-camera moments from actors who turned out to be monsters. 

Threats involving Chris Rock, huh Will?

WILL SMITH THREATENED CHRIS ROCK... THREE DECADES AGO. THE FRESH PRINCE CRACKED In 1995, Chris Rock actually appeared on The Fresh Prince, and in his presence, Will jumps up and screams at Carlton, The bigger, badder man is about to beat the better man into oblivion. Will then says his outburst really had nothing to do with Rock's character. Hmm.

YouTube / Today 

Harvey Weinsten was depicted as a psychotic bully.

EVERYONE KNEW ABOUT HARVEY WEINSTEN. ENTOURAGE GRACKED The ill-tempered Harvey Weingard is a clear take on Weinsten, and his explosive verbal assaults are laughed off like oh that Harvey. Weinstein's sexual deviancy was said to be an open book, but of course the show shied away from all that.

Screenrant / Vox 

Why is that young girl so mad at you, honey?

TRUMP BRUSHES OFF CREDIBLE CLAIMS. THE FRESH PRINCE CRACKED Trump and then wife, Marla Maples appeared on The Fresh Prince in 1994. Ashley screams at him and runs off, and when his wife asks about it, he says, Everybody's always blaming me for everything. Like, pay no attention to that young girl's claims, honey.


What was he thinking during filming?!

STEPHEN COLLINS COUNSELS AN ABUSED GIRL. 7TH HEAVEN CRACKED After admitting to sexually abusing underage girls, a scene involving his character, Rev. Camden, counseling a molested girl is just grotesquely ironic.

TMZ / LA Times 

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