Ahoy there internet faring mateys! Get ready to laugh yer head off with this list of outrageous gold dubloon-worthy fun facts. For stARGH-ters, did you know that actor Freddie Prinze Jr. said 'shiver me timbers' and sailed away from Hollywood in 2010 to become a writer for the WWE? Or that Charlie Brown's little sister Sally found her 'treasure' and was voiced by Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas when she was only 10 years old? Aye, and legends say there were even cases of twins separated at birth who both married and divorced women with the same names! Even their first mateys, aka their dogs, shared a name! Now, don’t let this overdone pirate shtick scare you off like the ghost of Blackbeard himself might! Instead set sail on a hilarious journey filled with these incredible facts and more – it's time to get your laffs on Pirate-style! Or just normal human style- honestly I genuinely don’t care about you or pirates. Just read the damn facts already. 


CRACKED TWINS SEPARATED AT BIRTH LIVED WILDLY SIMILAR LIVES. They were both named James by their respective families - then each went on to marry and divorce women named Linda, get remarried to women named Betty, have sons named James Allan and James Alan, and dogs named Troy.

NBC (via The Mirror)

The Mirror

Prodigy Princess

CRACKED NASCRED NEW HIS SEVEN-YEAR- OLD DAUGHTER AS A PRODUCER. Nas listed his child daughter as an executive producer on his Platinum album Stillmatic, to ensure she will always receive royalties from the album's sales.

Ill Will Records,
Columbia Records


Building Suspense

CRACKED THE CGI EMPIRE STATE BUILDING IN KING KONG TOOK LONGER TO MAKE THAN THE REAL ONE. It took 18 months to create the CGI building in Peter Jackson's version of King Kong. For context, the real Empire State Building only took 14 months to build.

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