14 Comedy Bits That Have Been Beaten Past the Point of Recognition

The awkward high-five is the new banana peel.
14 Comedy Bits That Have Been Beaten Past the Point of Recognition

OMG, you’re still doing that joke? Awkward! Because, like using the word “awkward” in lieu of an actual punchline… It’s been done! We don’t really know how punchline placeholders like this (and a few others on this list) ever caught on, because if anything, they’re anti-comedy. All set-up, no punch. Yes, a really awkward scenario can actually be quite engaging (because they’re building a legitimate pent-up cringe), but you know what would be the satisfying exhale? A  punchline! When the button is just someone saying, “Awkward,” we’re still just in the awkwardness. It’s comedy blue balls.

Okay, thank you for indulging our little rant. Awkwardness is not the only perpetrator here, but it got so popular in the late 2000’s that it crept its way into all kinds of other tropes. Sub-tropes, if you will. We just refuse to believe that “everything’s been done.” There are so many groundbreaking comedies and comedians who continue to give us such creative and thought-provoking funnies. So before you go buttoning your scene with that awkward handshake, just think about it for a few more minutes. It’ll help save us from one of these 14 comedy bits that have beaten past the point of no return.

So every sitcom family since 1989? Yes.

TIRED COMEDY BITS Mets THE FAT MAN-CHILD AND HIS HOT WIFE After Homer Simpson (who ironically was created to satirize the American man), the fat idiot who is helpless without his capable (out-of-his-league) wife became the biggest sitcom trope. CRACKED



Ask any actor friend how many auditions have involved an awkward high five.

TIRED COMEDY BITS AWKWARD HANDSHAKES It's usually the punchline in most commercials, but countless movies and TV shows feature a spin on it. The missed high-five, or being left hanging, or the are we gonna hug, or fist bump, or shake, or high-five, or 'oh my god, this is so awkward! CRACKED

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