11 of the Most Brutal Deaths in Sitcom History

Funny British sitcom ’Blackadder’ ended with everyone running into machine-gun fire and getting mowed down.
11 of the Most Brutal Deaths in Sitcom History

Ah, the tragedy of life. We all know it too well. It’s a tragic truth that, no matter how hard we try, death can come for us at any moment. We can try to prepare ourselves, but it’s often unexpected and always heartbreaking. This list is a tribute to some of the most iconic and heartbreaking deaths in sitcom history. From Frank Grimes’ fatality in The Simpsons, to Dan Conner’s shocker in Roseanne, to Mike Delfino’s untimely passing in Desperate Housewives, these are the moments that have stuck with us.

We also remember the futile optimism of Blackadder Goes Forth, the sudden passing of Henry Blake from M*A*S*H, the off-screen deaths of Davey and others in Scrubs, the unexpected death of Nicholas Colasanto in Cheers, and BoJack Horseman’s neglect leading to Sarah Lynn’s death. Finally, we remember the Sesame Street episode that taught us all about death when Mr. Hooper passed away. These are the moments that will stay with us forever, and this list is a reminder of the power of sitcoms to make us bawl after they’ve made us laugh.

Teaching kids about death, ‘Sesame Street’ style.

CRACKED RIP Sesame Street Mr. Hooper When actor Will Lee died, the show didn't sugarcoat anything and used it as an opportunity to teach kids about death. Big Bird was especially affected, and kept a drawing of Mr. Hooper in his nest as a reminder.

Sesame Workshop


BoJack’s neglect kills.

CRACKED RIP BoJack Horseman Sarah Lynn Sarah Lynn dies from a drug overdose in Season 3. BoJack Horseman isn't exactly a lighthearted show, but even for it, dying from an overdose is kinda next level-some Breaking Bad stuff.



Blake: gone too soon.

CRACKED M*A*S*H Henry Blake RIP Henry Blakewas killed off in a really unexpected way-his plane crashed into the Sea of Japan, leaving fans totally shocked and devastated.

20th Television


Countdown to heartbreak.

CRACKED RIP How I Met Your Mother Marshall's dad In the sixth season, Marshall's dad dies of a heart attack at age 50. The show subtly references this throughout the season with a countdown from 50 to 1.

20th Television

Screen Rant

Dan’s heart attack: shocker.

CRACKED RIP Roseanne Dan Conner At the end of the Roseanne series finale in 1997, Dan Conner had a major heart attack, which isn't exactly the kind of thing you'd expect in a lighthearted sitcom.



Deaths galore, off-screen.

CRACKED Scrubs Bob Kelso, Many, many people Enid, Dr. Kelso's wife, and several other patients, all died off-screen. For a funny, gag-based show, Scrubs kind of let the Grim Reaper hack and slash through the character list with wild abandon.

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