13 Cringey Celebrity Interview Moments For the Hall of Shame

Ever snapped at your mom on live TV?
13 Cringey Celebrity Interview Moments For the Hall of Shame

Who’s up for some serious social discomfort? We thought we were, until we actually sat through these journalistic encounters that would love to be forgotten by everyone involved. Sorry for rehashing them. The promotion train is apparently a pretty arduous ride for many celebrities. They’re placed in the hands of entertainment journalists around the world — who exhibit varying degrees of professionalism — and they just have to hope for the best.

Terrible interviewers are only one half of the equation. Sometimes a seasoned veteran is caught off guard by a drunk, pissy celebrity who clearly doesn’t want to be there. They can try to change the subject all they want, but that little moment in time lives on, and fans of squirming discomfort eat it right up. If you’re still reading, you’re probably one of those cringe-mongers just foaming at the mouth to get started. So, here are 13 celebrity interview moments for the hall of shame.

This KTLA entertainment reporter is still haunted by this one.

CRACKED SAMUEL L. JACKSON BUSTS SAM RUBIN. In 2014, Sam Rubin confused Jackson with Laurence Fishburne. Не responded, We don't all look alike! We may all be black and famous, but we don't all look alike! You're busted. You're an entertainment reporter? And you don't know the difference?

LA Times / BBC 

This was one of many interview clap backs from Scarlett Johansson.

CRACKED SCARLETT JOHANSSON HAD ENOUGH UNDERWEAR QUESTIONS. After a reporter asked if she wore underwear beneath her Black Widow costume, she snapped back, You're like the fifth person that's asked me that today. Since when do people start asking each other in interviews about their underwear?

YouTube / NBC 

There’s “Old School,” then there’s Sean Connery.

CRACKED SEAN CONNERY PROMOTES HITTING WOMEN. In 1987, he told Barbara Walters that slapping women isn't that bad, if the situation merits it. On what situation would merit hitting a woman, he said it should only come after a man has tried everything else.

YouTube / Fandom 

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