12 People Who Were Punished For Doing A Great Job

We hope this doesn’t deter you from your solid work ethic!
12 People Who Were Punished For Doing A Great Job

Fired and/or blacklisted for going above and beyond is the universe’s way of saying, “Calm down, ya brown noser. Just half-bake it like the rest of us, and stop making us all look so bad!” Because honestly, how dare these keeners care enough to gain 60 lbs for a role, save a drowning girl, or diagnose a woman with HIV! Who in the good goddamn do they think they are?! We get it doc, you noticed symptoms and ran some tests. Big whoop! Way to cause emotional distress, buddy. We’d sue you  too!

It really makes you wonder… If these people knew the repercussions to come, would they go back and do a worse job (or even look the other way)? We’d like to hope not, but when their career or even their freedom was on the line, they might have wished for time travel at some point. We don’t have those answers. All we can do is shine some light on these 12 people who were punished for doing a great job.

The animation business has changed a lot over a century.

Snow White voice actor Adrianna Caselotti. CRACKED.COM Walt Disney never credited her as Snow White to preserve the illusion that animated characters are real. Не then blacklisted her to prevent any future characters from sounding at all like Snow White.

The Things

Chris Rock did what any host would do. Slightly roast millionaire celebrities.

Chris Rock CRACKED.COM At the 2022 Oscars, all he did was his hosting job. Не told a pretty innocent G.I. Jane joke, and got slapped for it. Like a pro, he immediately got right back to his hosting job.


If Aussies keep their accent, they risk being typecast.

Paul Hogan CRACKED.COM Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman hide their aussie accents in movies, but since Paul Hogan became famous for the (very successful) archetypal Australian Crocodile Dundee, he was typecast, and will forever be known for that role alone.

YardBarker / Yahoo 

Imprisoned for the cause!

A 90-year-old man was jailed for feeding the homeless. CRACKED.COM Police arrested Arnold Abbott for feeding the homeless within 500 ft of a residential area, and was given 60 days in jail. Abbott then promised, I'll keep doing it for as long as there's breath in my body.

Local 10 

Wait! Run to that filing cabinet and read if we should save her or not!

A hospital was sued for saving a life. CRACKED.COM Medical staff at Maryland General used CPR and a defibrillator to save 83 year old Beatrice Weisman. Her son sued them for $430,000 for not checking that she had a Do Not Resuscitate order.

NY Times / EMS1 

Hey Hollywood! Acting and schmoozing are two totally different talents.

Mo'Nique AS CRACKED.COM Usually Oscar winners get a pay bump and more acting offers, but after winning Best Supporting Actress for 2010's Precious, she was blacklisted because she didn't play the game and schmooze enough during Oscar season.

Vanity Fair / EW 

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