13 Movies Based On A True Story (That Are Jam Packed With Lies)

13 Movies Based On A True Story (That Are Jam Packed With Lies)

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Ah, the movies. They can make us laugh, cry, and believe in the unbelievable. We can be taken to places we’ve never been, and experience stories we never thought possible. But what about when the stories are based on real events? How can we tell the truth from the fiction? How can we even assume, for that matter, that the story does have the vaguest resemblance to something that actually happened?

Well, here is a list of some of the most popular movies based on true stories, and the (extreme abundance of) facts that the filmmakers changed or left out. From Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Bloodsport to Tom Hanks and Paul Greengrass’ Maersk Alabama hijacking, these movies have captivated audiences with their tales of courage and adventure. But, as we will soon see, not everything is as it seems... by a very, very long shot. So strap in, grab your popcorn, and let’s dive into the world of extremely not-fact-checked fiction.

Based on a true story (sort of).

CRACKED GOOD MORNING, VIETNAM This movie was based on the true story of Adrian Cronauer, a radio DJ during the Vietnam War. However, many details were changed for the movie, like Cronauer's famous lines, censorship, and a bombing scene.

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Hollywoodized HIV story.

Basedon a rue story BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY This movie was a success in theaters, but it was criticized for not being completely accurate. People were especially angry about the way Freddie Mercury's HIV diagnosis was changed in the movie, which some felt was unjust. CRACKED

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Fact-checked fiction.

Basedonetrue story CAPTAIN PHILLIPS The crew of the Maersk Alabama have disputed some of the details in Richard Phillips' story. The movie also compressed the timeline of the hijacking and added a fully made-up ending. CRACKED

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Inspirational, but inaccurate.

REMEMBER THE TITANS Released in 2000, this Disney movie was allegedly based on a true story about a high school football team. It showed how the team overcame racial tensions, although quite a few of the facts were changed or left out. AU CRACKED

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Based on a true lie.

CRACKED Basedon a rue story THE SOUND OF MUSIC The movie is based on a real family, but the story isn't totally accurate. For instance, the family actually left Austria by train the day before the borders were shut, not by climbing over the mountains as the Nazis moved in.

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Hollywoodized Nash.

CRACKED Basedona true story A BEAUTIFUL MIND The movie version of John Nash was simplified compared to the real person, leaving out details like his same-sex relationships, having an illegitimate child, and getting divorced.

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Persecuted for being gay.

CRACKED THE IMITATION GAME In the movie, Alan Turing is falsely accused of being a traitor and covering up for a Soviet spy. In reality, he was arrested because of his sexuality and he lied to the police about a petty crime to hide his involvement.

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Viggo’s false journey.

CRACKED Based-en a true.story HIDALGO Viggo Mortensen stars in this movie which is advertised as being based on a true story, but it's actually not true. The cowboy and his mustang never actually went to the Middle East for a long horse race across the desert.

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Catch me if you believe me.

CRACKED Basedon a true-story CATCH ME IF YOU CAN This movie was based on the life of con man Frank Abagnale Jr., but a new book suggests his story may not be true. Basically, all the stories he told, when added up, might be the biggest con of all.

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