13 Respected Figures with Ridiculous Beliefs and Superstitions

Val Kilmer thought his throat cancer was just “an outward manifestation of a spiritual cold.”
13 Respected Figures with Ridiculous Beliefs and Superstitions

We all know the standard, innocent superstitions involving black cats, ladders, and wood knocking. We’re born and raised adhering to those because, as Laura Greenwood put it, “Tradition is just peer pressure from dead people.” And why not? If you have the chance to walk around a ladder, or run screaming from a black cat, why not avoid some possible bad luck? Ah screw it. We’re gonna dive right into the cauldron head first with 13, yes 13 entries on this list. We’re not calling it 14, but only having 13 like some of you elevators out there. We’re staying in Tay Tay’s good books with a pure 13. You’ll see.

When we hear some of the more zany, creepy, and downright dangerous superstitions out there, they start to make those more socially acceptable ones sound pretty batshit. Especially when they’re held by well known, sometimes pretty prominent figures. You know the feeling… You respect someone for their work until they drop a line about sexual encounters with the supernatural. It’s pretty hard to shake that off and get back to their tunes. That insanity and more are right here amongst these 13 insane beliefs and superstitions held by public figures.

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