Greetings, Earthlings and extraterrestrial beings! Get ready for a cosmic ride through some of the most bizarre and hilarious facts the universe has to offer. From Richard Pryor's scandalous upbringing to a man's deep love for Taco Bell after waking from a coma, we've got all the fun facts in the knowable universe. Learn about the dolphin who tried to sexually assault his researcher roommate, Socrates' hatred of reading, and even how some people can menstruate out of their belly button. You’d have to be an alien who has come to kill us all, take over our planet and put a select few of us in a human zoo not to love these fun facts! AND YOU’RE NOT ARE YOU? YOU LEGALLY HAVE TO TELL US IF YOU ARE. THAT’S THE LAW YOU SPACE, CRETIN! 

Anyway! Put on your fun fact space suit and get ready to blast off into a galaxy of laughter and absurdity with these outta this world factoids! 

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