13 Comedy Partnerships That Imploded

These duos took comedy a little too seriously.
13 Comedy Partnerships That Imploded

Say it ain’t so! We couldn’t help but read that as the Weezer lyric, but all good if you didn’t. After learning that some of our favorite comedy duos actually had pretty tumultuous relationships, we just had to belt out some emo lyrics. They gave us countless laughs on screen and/or on stage, and somehow made us feel part of the group, but the curtain was pulled back, and we weren’t quite ready for the bitter truth. 

As fun as comedy can be, there’s business and interpersonal relationship elements that can make it a chore. A stand-up comedian can write and perform whatever they want, without having to answer to anyone. Stand-up might be a lonelier road, but if you like creative control, it’s the lonely road for you. 

And it’s just nice to think that a partnership whose sole goal is to make people laugh is nothing but pure joy. Because all of us fans have laughed it up with a good friend and thought, “Man, I wish we could get paid to do this.” We thought they were living the dream, but sadly, these 13 comedy partnerships ended up imploding.

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