Getting 'Weezered' Is TikTok's Latest Viral Trend

"Yo, you just got Weezered."
Getting 'Weezered' Is TikTok's Latest Viral Trend

Reader, have you ever seen a video, photo, or any other form of visual media and wondered just how easily it could be altered into Weezer's debut, self-titled blue album? Do you often stumble across a shade of blue – that shade of blue – lurking in a water bottle cap, a piece of Airheads candy, or in a photo of Taylor Swift holding a plate of Biden Harris 2020 cookies and feel an inexplicable, burning desire to somehow capture it, crop it into a neat square, and slap that iconic photo of Rivers Cuomo and co. on top of it? Is “Say It Ain't So” still somehow stuck in your head nearly three decades after the song's 1994 debut? Well, folks, I'm delighted to inform you that you're far from alone in your hyper-specific, Weezer-related desires– all thanks to TikTok's latest trend, “YOU JUST GOT WEEZERED."

The brainchild of fan page, @weezerspotted, the not-so-long running tradition of getting Weezered seemingly began earlier this year when the account uploaded a series of videos depicting how almost any cool-toned color featured in any TikTok or photograph can easily be edited into the square, blue, album backdrop we've all come to know and generally like. Yet after a few months of Weezering in relative obscurity, the page upped their game – adding the iconic image of the band standing in an equidistant lineup and a custom audio, boasting “yo, you just got Weezered” atop the band's hit, “Buddy Holly," two enhancements that seemingly skyrocketed the trend into relative viral fame.


While these upgrades happened back in April, per the original video bearing the sound, over the past few days, the trend has taken on a life of its own, with fans Weezering everything from Snapchat graphics …


… the emojis of unwitting friends … 


… Lana Del Rey's best album … 


… and even Taylor Swift's presidential cookies.


Amid Weezering's immense and viral popularity, an entire page seemingly dedicated to the art form has emerged, providing us with all the Weezer-ing goodness that we need.


So folks, it seems we all just got Weezered. Happy June!

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