13 Comedies That Tackled the Supremely Unfunny

Laughing to keep from crying. And then crying anyway.
13 Comedies That Tackled the Supremely Unfunny

Trying to be funny on stage is hard enough as it is. Most people would find it extremely difficult to stand in front of a crowd and share their thoughts on long lines at the DMV, but these comedians opened up about some uncomfortably dark personal issues. Grief, racism, abuse, depression, and police brutality could all make a case for the least funny issue to touch on, but these seasoned vets hit them head on, and gave a master class on tackling the nightmarishly dismal.

The nightmarishly dismal?! Oof, we have to remember that this is still a comedy list. Okay, maybe this’ll lighten the mood. “I think being a Gemini drastically delayed my bipolar diagnosis. My whole life, I kept hearing, ‘You Gemini’s are so hot and cold. I never know which one of you I’m going to get.’ So when my psychiatrist diagnosed me bipolar, I was like, ‘Oh, no, you don’t understand. I was born on June 3rd.’” We’re no Taylor Tomlinson, so keep reading to see her hilarious bipolar joke. Here’s that and 12 other comedians who tackled the supremely unfunny.

Marc Maron gave 4 minutes of the saddest setup for a one word punchline.

CRACKED MARC MARON'S GRIEF. In his special From Bleak to Dark, he tells the first joke he wrote after his girlfriend's passing. While viewing her recently deceased body in the hospital, he says his goodbyes, and on the way out of the room he thinks, Selfie?

YouTube / Variety 

Patton Oswalt shares the loss of his wife.

CRACKED PATTON OSWALT'S ANNIHILATION. His 2017 special dropped a little over a year after his wife's death. Не says that openly discussing grief and loss is therapeutic, and he's received a ton of positive feedback from people in similar situations.

YouTube / EW 

When Kate reads Paul’s final article on 8 Simple Rules.

CRACKED 8 SIMPLE RULES PAYS HOMAGE TO THE LATE JOHN RITTER. After John Ritter passed away from an undiagnosed aortic tear, his sitcom family dealt with the loss beautifully. His character was a writer, and his widow Kate gathers the kids to read them the last words he ever wrote.


Taylor Tomlinson really owned her bipolar diagnosis.

CRACKED TAYLOR TOMLINSON'S LOOK AT YOU. In her 2022 Netflix special, she discusses therapy and her bipolar disorder. I had friends say, 'I didn't like how antidepressants made me feel. I didn't feel like myself.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, me neither. It's the best!

Facebook / Forbes 

Hasan Minaj experienced genuinely scary hate crimes.

CRACKED HASAN MINHAJ'S HOMECOMING KING. After 9/11, his family endured hate crimes like racial slurs, shattered car windows, and he was cut from broken glass put in his backpack. Не was pissed, but his father responded, Racism is the price we pay for being in this country.

YouTube / Richmond 

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