Pure evil is out there, but you won’t find it here. Yes, you could take each one of these dictators, war criminals, murderers, and career crooks at face value, and dismiss them as “pure” evil, but it looks like they had a softer side after all. Maybe they were on their lunch break from an evil day’s work. Or maybe they don’t take their evil work home with them. They clock out, hang up the bad boy hat, and kick their feet up with a warm glass of charity. Before clocking back in for their next shift at the evil lair, of course.

We’re not excusing their crimes or (in some cases) genocide, but who are we to scoff at an act of kindness? We’ll take a charitable act in the charitable act column any day. For instance, if you called the suicide hotline years ago, Ted Bundy may have been the comforting voice on the other end. Charles Ponzi (the namesake of the Ponzi scheme) might literally give you the skin off his back. So, here are those and 12 other selfless acts from the last people you’d expect. 

On the right end of a 911 call.

A career crook saved a life. 36-year-old Jeff Rochford's record contains 80 convictions that began at just eight years old. When he witnessed 78-year-old June Hoyle having a stroke, he called the police, and his actions may have saved her life. CRACKED

Jeff Rochford


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