15 Incredible Inventions That Were, Technically, Gigantic Failures

Coke was originally supposed to make you smarter or something.
15 Incredible Inventions That Were, Technically, Gigantic Failures

Ah, the wonders of invention! For centuries, humans have been coming up with new and inventive ways to make life easier, more enjoyable, and more efficient. But did you know that many of the products we use today have a much more interesting backstory than you might think? From the humble beginnings of Coca-Cola as a morphine addiction cure to the surprising origin of the Slinky toy as a way to stop navy equipment from moving around too much, the stories behind these inventions are often much more fascinating than the inventions themselves. 

In this list, we'll explore 15 of the most interesting and unexpected origins of everyday items. From Play-Doh as a wallpaper cleaner to Listerine as a floor cleaner and even Viagra as a high blood pressure medication, these stories will make you think twice about the products you use every day. So, without further ado, let's dive into the unexpected origins of some of our most beloved products!

Inhumane and ineffective... and now, in gyms worldwide.

CRACKED Treadmills In the 1800s, the treadmill was invented in England as a form of punishment for prisoners. It was so harsh that it was banned by 1900 because it was too dangerous and not effective.


Romantic seating for two... but not too romantic.

CRACKED Loveseats In the 1700s, the French invented a large chair for wealthy women to sit in while wearing their fancy dresses. It was called a loveseat because it was the perfect size for two people to sit together without being too close.

Duhome / Amazon 

Subtle Doctor, Dumb Cap.

CRACKED Dunce cap John Duns Scotus, a Franciscan theologian, was known for his complex ideas and was given the nickname The Subtle Doctor. Не popularized the dunce cap, which was a symbol of highly educated people... until his ideas fell out of favor.


Faster childbirth?

CRACKED Chainsaws In the late 1700s, two Scottish doctors created the first ever chainsaw to help with difficult childbirths. It was based on a watch chain with teeth that could be moved around with a hand-crank-it's best not to try to imagine how it worked.


Science: not always helpful in the way you expect.

CRACKED Viagra In the '90s, Pfizer scientists were working on a drug to help with high blood pressure and chest pain, but they found out it didn't work great for that -- but, on the other hand, it could make you get hard. Thus was Viagra born. 101

History / LexMed 

Multi-purpose miracle cure?

CRACKED Listerine Before it was used as a mouthwash to treat bad breath, Listerine was actually sold as a floor cleaner and a medicine for gonorrhea. FreshBurst LISTERINE Cool Mint LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC ANTISEPTIC Kills germs that cause Bad Breath, Plaque & Kills germs that cause Bad Breath, Plaque & the gum disease the gum disease Gingivitis Gingivitis ADIA ADA ACCEPTED 500 mL (1.05 pt) 500mL(115kcal American Association Dental Gerrial Association Association THIS PACKAGE FOR HOUSEHOLDS THIS PACKAGE FOR HOUSEHOLDS or - - - I Do of - f printed LISTERINE band WITHOUT YOUNG CHILDREN WITHOUT YOUNG CHILDREN 07-0361-14 and - -


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