Many of us have had some close calls over the years. Times in our lives that we can luckily look back on and say, “Man, I’m glad I didn’t eat that questionable shrimp,” or, “Man, I’m glad I wasn’t home when Crazy Jimmy came a knockin’.” If you haven’t had any personal close calls, don’t feel left out. Because there are some whoppers on this list that definitely affected you, us, and every other living thing on planet Earth. 

It’s amazing what one decision from one person can have on the rest of us. We go about our day, typing up words about historic close calls, but little do we know that in some bunker hundreds of feet below the Earth, decisions are being made. Even when we can vote on a decision, the collective outcome may or may not be what we were hoping for. Let this list be a reminder to us all… Our one vote does matter. Because sometimes, that’s all it takes. Here are 12 things decided by an extremely thin margin.

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