31 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Planet Earth

31 Eyebrow-Arching Facts About Planet Earth

*Optimus Prime accent* “Earth… there is more to this planet… than meets the eye.” *Normal accent*

That Optimus guy sure said – there’s some strange stuff here on planet Earth. To be fair, none of us really notice it; either we live near something strange or unusual so we are desensitized to the wackiness, or we’re nowhere near the cool stuff so we don’t even know it exists.

Weird buildings shaped like spaceships and alien blobs? Yeah, Earth has them. Oddly named countries and regions? Cities that are far less quaint than you’d expect? Deadly animals and rapidly changing waterways? Yes, yes, yes – this planet of ours has it all.

You might not think much about what happens to your pee after you flush it down the toilet, but it turns out it has a major impact on the way fish behave. More on that and 30 other fascinating facts about this planet of ours:  

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