14 Bizarre Body Facts That Prove We Know Nothing About Our Flesh Vessels

14 Bizarre Body Facts That Prove We Know Nothing About Our Flesh Vessels

Who would have thought that the human body is capable of such incredible feats? From nutty bedroom antics to evolutionary leftovers, from sniffing out the truth to seeing the light, from endorphins to echolocation, from unique body odor to withstanding gravity 46 times stronger than Earth's, from breath control to regrowing fingertips, from eye color change to glowing, from jaw-dropping strength to forever growing body parts - these are just some of the amazing things that we have found our bodies can do. 

We often take our bodies for granted, but the truth is that they are capable of some truly remarkable things. This list will explore some of the lesser-known, yet amazing abilities of the human body. We may be surprised to find out just how powerful and resilient our bodies really are. So, let's take a closer look at these incredible superpowers and see what makes us so unique.

Eye-opening change.

GRACKED WE CAN CHANGE EYE COLOR It can happen for kids with light eyes to have them get darker as they get older, but sometimes it can go the other way and kids with darker eyes can end up with lighter eyes.


Impressive, indeed.

GRACKED WE CAN WITHSTAND GRAVITY 46 TIMES STRONGER THAN EARTH'S John Stapp was an Air Force pilot who experienced an incredible 46.2 Gs of force in an experiment. This was so powerful that it made him weigh over 7,700 pounds in a flash.


Tongue-clicking: it's the new superpower.

GRACKED WE CAN ECHOLOCATE LIKE BATS An American expert has taught blind children around the world how to echolocate by making a clicking noise with their tongue against the roof of their mouth. This sound can help them to sense things from far away, even when there is a lot of noise.


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