Ah, the relics of the saints! For centuries, people have been fascinated by these physical reminders of the divine, and have traveled far and wide in search of them. From Jesus’ foreskin to St. Stephen’s right fist, these relics have been venerated, stolen, and even lost. But despite their mysterious origins and often dubious authenticity, these objects have been a source of faith and hope for many believers. 

In this list, we will explore some of the most famous relics in history, from the liquefied blood of St. Januarius to the swaddling clothes of Jesus, and even the breast milk of Mary. We’ll also look at some of the more unusual relics, such as St. John Bosco’s brain in a kettle and St. Anthony of Padua’s tongue. 

So come along with us on a journey through the centuries, and explore these relics of the saints. Who knows what secrets they might hold?

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