15 Superstitions, Customs, and Cultural Quirks That Americans Are Doing All Wrong

06/03/1985 is March 6th, 1985 pretty much everywhere else, America!
15 Superstitions, Customs, and Cultural Quirks That Americans Are Doing All Wrong

You think you’ve got it all figured out, America? Well, as you’ll soon learn, calling yourself “American” is actually pretty rude. From North to South, there are 38 American countries, and you’re just The United States OF America. Way to subtly try and claim the entire Western world. Travelers who bounce around the planet will tell you all kinds of different ways that different people do different things. Sure, you might think they’re being all hoity-toity and worldly, but if you give them a chance, you’ll see all kinds of ways they’re doing things right.

This may sadly involve some harsh realizations that you’re doing things wrong, so we don’t know if you’re quite ready for it. There’s the obvious temperature, speed, and dimension measurements that are unique to the U.S., so we won’t even go there. But if you want to work less, sleep more, and maybe have a water war on Easter morning, give 15 very different superstitions, customs, and cultural quirks a try!

Stop rushing to the airport like lunatics, America!

GRACKED THE UKRAINE TAKES A BREATHER BEFORE A TRIP. In Ukraine and Russia, it is traditional to sit down as a family for a few minutes before leaving on a trip. This grants good luck on the journey, and leaves an opportunity to remember anything you may have forgotten.

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This might be hard to hear, America.

GRACKED THANKSGIVING IN THE U.S. IS WEIRD! Canada has an even older Thanksgiving than the U.S., and most countries who celebrate Thanksgiving do so in early October, to give thanks for the last harvests. The U.S. holds it way after the harvest, and is the only one that involves Pilgrims.

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