15 Singularly Perfect Comedies That We Hope Never Get A Sequel

We have Old School. We don’t need Older School and Oldest School.
15 Singularly Perfect Comedies That We Hope Never Get A Sequel

Dear studios, executive producers, and even just plain old producers… Leave these singularly perfect comedies alone! No need to call a meeting about how much money they made, and get bright ideas about sequels, remakes, or spin-offs. We’ve seen how you take a great comedy like Dumb and Dumber, and crank out two lesser versions and an even worse cartoon series. If any real fan of the original wants to check in on those characters again, they’ll just rewatch the original! 

Great comedy movies aren’t like sitcom episodes! You can’t just think, “Oh, people seem to like this Lloyd Christman character… Let’s see him doing his laundry! Now let’s see him wear a turkey on his head!” It shouldn’t be that way! And yes, there are rare cases where sequels end up being better than the original, but do we need to remind you about countless unnecessary sequels like Son of the Mask, Caddyshack 2, Mean Girls 2, Anchorman 2, The Blues Brothers 2000, Zoolander 2, etc.? Honestly, we’re surprised we could even scrounge up these 15 amazing comedies that haven’t had (and don’t need) sequels.

Groundhog Day stands alone as one perfectly singular concept.

CRACKED STATE 5K NEW Groundhog Day With such a unique concept, a sequel would just be redundant, and any rip-off would be so blatant that it would land itself in court. Plus, Bill Murray hates sequels, and had a terrible time making it.

Looper / U Chicago 

Get some marionettes and try something like this… We’ll wait.

CRACKED PROTECT E SERV BARE Team America: World Police Muppets, animatronics, and CGI characters have come and gone, but there is only one sexually explicit marionette movie that crudely satirizes America's military-industrial complex.

Consequence / Decider 

We may actually get one of two possible remakes of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

CRACKED Planes, Trains and Automobiles In 2020, Drew Barrymore expressed desire to remake it with Cameron Diaz, but found out a remake with Will Smith and Kevin Hart was already in the works. Rekindling the lack of chemistry between Steve Martin and John Candy would be near-impossible.

MovieWeb / Roger Ebert 

We applaud Director Ben Stiller and Jim Carrey for The Cable Guy’s originality.

CRACKED The Cable Guy Of all the early Jim Carrey films, The Cable Guy was the only one to not get a sequel. Yes, it was a flop compared to the others, but its dark, unique style gathered a cult following, and we kind of got a sequel in a 2022 Verizon Super Bowl ad.

Cheatsheet / Variety 

Where most fail, Mary really nailed “gross-out” humor.

CRACKED There's Something About Mary Shocking jokes with explicit visuals and bodily fluids can feel out of place, but Mary made them memorable. The Farrelly brothers stayed true to their style, but amped up the shock value, and that'd be nearly impossible to recreate organically.


Spinal Tap happened at the right time, so let’s just leave it that way!

CRACKED This is Spinal Tap Rob Reiner talked about a sequel, but when you completely and perfectly satirize rock music as a whole, what else is there to say?

NME / Nerdist 

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