15 Examples Of Ancient Advertising: From Fish Sauce Labels to Gladiators Shilling Olive Oil

The first marketing pun comes from Ancient Rome.
15 Examples Of Ancient Advertising: From Fish Sauce Labels to Gladiators Shilling Olive Oil

Ah, marketing. It’s been around since the dawn of time, and it’s evolved in some pretty interesting ways. From the first punny wine branding in Pompeii to gladiators shilling olive oil in Ancient Rome, it’s clear that people have always been looking for ways to get their message out. And while modern marketing may have more sophisticated tools at its disposal, the truth is that many of the same principles have been around for centuries. 

Take this list, for example, which chronicles some of the most interesting marketing techniques used in the ancient world. From fish sauce labels to gladiator shows to political ads, it’s amazing to see how some of these ideas have been around for thousands of years. And while it may be hard to imagine a rich person today proudly displaying a poster on their house listing what they sponsored, it’s a testament to the power of marketing that this was a common practice in Ancient Rome. 

Offering gold for clues (also, buy our fine fabrics).

Ancient advertising Advertising on... an escaped slave notice? One papyrus sheet from Egypt tells of a fabric seller searching for his runaway slave, and offering a gold coin as a reward for anyone who could help. Не also happens to mention his shop, where they make the most amazing fabrics to suit everyone's needs. CRACKED

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Turns out, fast food isn’t such a newfangled invention after all.

Ancient advertising Roman fast food menus Scientists have found a painting of two mallard ducks and a rooster that are upside- down in a thermopolium (Roman fast food place). This could have been a sign of what food was being sold at the stall. CRACKED



Billboards used to advertise big games, kind of like today.

Ancient advertising ASTACIVS A STACIVS VRPV REV S-ENTINVS ~BACCIBVS ASTIV VS Gladiator billboards In Ancient Rome, giant billboards of famous gladiators were everywhere to get people excited for big events, with ad copy like, Twenty pairs of gladiators provided by Quintus Monnius Rufus are to fight at Nola May First. CRACKED

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