15 Times Celebs Did Weird, Inexplicable Crap at Awards Shows

Maybe we don’t invite celebrities to awards shows anymore.
15 Times Celebs Did Weird, Inexplicable Crap at Awards Shows

Ah, the awards show. A time for celebration, for recognition, for glamor, for… well, for some pretty wild moments. From Tim Commerford’s protest against Limp Bizkit at the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards to John Travolta’s “Adele Dazeem” at the 2014 Oscars, these moments have become ingrained in our collective pop culture memory. 

But it’s not just the stars who are making waves. We’ve seen Angelina Jolie’s brotherly kiss on the lips and Adrien Brody’s surprise smooch on Halle Berry. We’ve seen Machine Gun Kelly dye his tongue black for the 2021 Billboard Music Awards and Björk wearing a swan dress to the 73rd Academy Awards. We’ve even seen Eileen Bowman and Rob Lowe’s 12-minute performance of a new version of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” at the 1989 Oscars.

These moments have become part of our awards show history, and they’re not going away anytime soon. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the wildest, most outrageous, and most memorable moments from awards shows over the years. Enjoy!

John Travolta: Misunderstood or Misinterpreted?

Akward Awards 2015 OSCARS JOHN TRAVOLTA Travolta was the talk of the Oscars because of a moment he had with Scarlett Johansson that people misinterpreted. But Johansson made it clear that it was all very nice and she was totally OK with it. CRACKED

Via ABC News

ABC News

Nicki holds it together.

Akward Awards 2014 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS NICKI MINAJ Minaj nearly had a wardrobe malfunction. She was and had to hold her YSL dress closed to avoid an embarrassing moment while performing Bang Bang with Ariana Grande and CRACKED


ABC News

Nicole Kidman: Clapping with caution.

Akward Awards 2017 OSCARS NICOLE KIDMAN Kidman was worried that not clapping would look worse than the funny seal clapping she did. She explained in an interview that she was trying to avoid damaging her rings. CRACKED

Via The Guardian

The Guardian

Kiss-proof black tongue dye: check.

Akward Awards oard WARDS tions 2021 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS MACHINE GUN KELLY Kelly dyed his tongue black and showed it off on the red carpet with his girlfriend Megan Fox. Не used a Q-tip to apply the dye, and it stayed put when they kissed on the red carpet. CRACKED

Getty (via People)


Just a brotherly kiss.

Akward Awards 2000 OSCARS ANGELINA JOLIE Jolie and her brother James Haven kissed on the lips, which led to a lot of attention from the media. People thought it was a very sexual moment, but Jolie said it was just a brotherly kiss. CRACKED

Mediapunch/Shutterstock (via Us Magazine)

Us Magazine

One misheard cue and it’s pure hell.

Akward Awards 2015 MISS UNIVERSE STEVE HARVEY While hosting the competition, Harvey was given some confusing instructions through his earpiece. This led to him announcing the wrong winner, which he described as pure hell. GRACKED



Adele Dazeem: Travolta’s gift that keeps on giving.

Akward Awards 2000 OSCARS JOHN TRAVOLTA Travolta totally messed up Idina Menzel's name when he introduced her as Adele Dazeem. It was so confusing and funny that Eric Stonestreet even made a Vine about it. CRACKED



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