15 Actors Who Went Hard For Forgettable Movies

Robert Pattinson’s O-face: immortalized.
15 Actors Who Went Hard For Forgettable Movies

Many actors have taken extensive measures to prepare for movie roles, such as Austin Butler training for 3 years for his role as Elvis, Jim Carrey being trained by a CIA expert for 8 hours of Grinch make-up prep, Jared Leto meting with doctors and patients for Morbius, Shia LaBeouf taking an acid trip for Charlie Countryman, Kate Winslet reading bedtime stories in German for The Reader, Nicolas Cage pulling out his own teeth for Birdy, and Robert De Niro grinding down and sharpening his teeth for Cape Fear

Val Kilmer memorized 50 songs for The Doors, and Daniel Day-Lewis even lived in a period house with no electricity or water for The Crucible. Robert Pattinson masturbated for real for Little Ashes, and Sean Penn slapped John Leguizamo for real for Casualties Of War, while Gary Oldman smoked 12 cigars a day for Darkest Hour, giving him nicotine poisoning.

Here’s all that, and more.

Jim Carrey: CIA-trained for eight hours of Grinch torture.

CRACKED How the Grinch Stole Christmas JIM CARREY was trained by a CIA torture expert to withstand the makeup and costumes. The makeup process was like being buried alive, and took eight hours the first day.

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De Niro takes commitment to a whole new level.

Cape Fear ROBERT DE NIRO oretta changed a lot for the movie. Не went as far as grinding down and sharpening his teeth. CRACKED

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Far Out Magazine

Researching the role, one step at a time.

CRACKED The Fall JAMIE DORNAN followed a woman on the subway to get ready for his role as a serial killer. Не said it was intriguing, and he learned something (we're afraid to ask what that was).



Merry Christmas, Gary!

Darkest Hour GARY OLDMAN smoked 12 cigars a day, which gave him nicotine poisoning and a colonoscopy over Christmas break. CRACKED

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John Leguizamo is still feeling the sting of Sean Penn’s slap, decades later.

CRACKED Casualties of War SEAN PENN slapped JOHN LEGUIZAMO for real, which was cut. It scarred Leguizamo for life, and he twitches when Penn's near.

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Austin Butler: The King of Commitment.

CRACKED Elvis AUSTIN BUTLER trained hard for his role as Elvis, not seeing his family for three years and talking like Elvis the whole time.

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