15 Celebrities Who Made a Late-Career Heel Turn

What if racist uncle... but famous?
15 Celebrities Who Made a Late-Career Heel Turn

Welcome to the world of celebrity scandals! We’ve all heard the stories, seen the headlines, and wondered what was really going on behind the scenes. But what do we really know about these famous faces? Who are they really? What do they really believe? We’re not sure, but the people on this list seemed pretty OK until, toward the end of their career, they turned out to be awful.

This list dives into the lives of some of the most controversial celebrities in recent memory. From John Cleese’s thoughts on the ‘woke’ to Chevy Chase’s Hollywood feuds, Savile’s hidden truth to Dicky Barrett’s anti-vaxxer rally, Rob Schneider’s tweets to De Niro’s misinformation, Douglas’ ‘80s antics to Ice Cube’s anti-Semitic posts, Roseanne’s tweet to Michael Richards’ racial tirade, Peloton’s ad to Sharon Osbourne’s slurs, Batali’s apology to Matt Lauer’s three-year-late firing, and finally Hoffman’s lawyer’s statement – this list has it all.

It’s time to take a closer look at these celebrities, their actions, their bizarre late-career about-face, and the consequences that followed. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be scandalized!

Batali’s apology: cinnamon rolls, not contrition.

CRACKED MARIO BATALI Mario Batali was accused of sexual misconduct by four women. Не apologized and included a recipe for cinnamon rolls, which was met with criticism. He's now stepped away from his restaurants.

Time / YT 

Sharon Osbourne denies racism, but repeats the slurs.

CRACKED SHARON OSBOURNE Sharon Osbourne has denied the allegations of racism and bullying against her, but repeated the racial slurs she is accused of using while referring to her former co-host Julie Chen.

People / The Sun 

Peloton: ‘We didn’t know’ – but they should have.

CRACKED CHRIS NOTH Peloton pulled an ad with Chris Noth after sexual assault allegations, which he denies. They said they didn't know about the claims when they used him in their 'Sex and the City' ad.


Michael Richards learned the hard way that racism and comedy don’t mix.

CRACKED MICHAEL RICHARDS Michael Richards unleashed a tirade of racial slurs during a stand-up comedy set at the Laugh Factory, and was met with shock and disbelief from the audience. Не was responding to a comment from someone in the crowd who said he wasn't funny.

CBS News / IMDB 

Roseanne’s tweet cost her a show.

CRACKED ROSEANNE BARR ABC quickly axed Roseanne after Roseanne Barr tweeted a racist comment about Valerie Jarrett, an Obama adviser.

NY Times / ABC 

De Niro spread misinformation, despite evidence to the contrary.

CRACKED ROBERT DE NIRO Robert De Niro said on the Today show that vaccines might be linked to autism, even though it's not true. Не suggested two anti-vaccine docs and talked about his worries as a parent of an autistic kid.

Stat News / Insider 

Rob Schneider: stirring up trouble, one tweet at a time.

CRACKED UNTIL DIED ROB SCHNEIDER Rob Schneider's bad tweets about Covid-19 vaccines caused a stir, with people correcting his wrong info and stressing the need to get vaccinated.

Forbes / The Sun 

ohn Cleese: Not amused by the ‘woke’ and their lack of irony.

CRACKED JOHN CLEESE John Cleese thinks that people, especially the woke ones, are too easily offended and don't have a good sense of humor. Не also thinks they're just trying to show off and don't get irony.

Toronto Sun / BBC 

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