Don’t worry, Kurt Cobain isn’t on this list. We know that you already know what happened to Kurt Cobain. There are uncontacted tribesmen in the Amazon rainforest who know what happened to Kurt. Sadly, he was just one of many ‘90s frontmen who left us too soon, but we’re here to tell you that it wasn’t all doom and gloom. Time has been kind to many ‘90s rockers, and luckily for us, they keep touring and pumping out great tunes.

Yes, Grunge was pretty hard on its frontmen, but a few singers got out alive, and it wasn’t the only cursed subgenre. Maybe because of its silly, upbeat vibe, pop punk was more than kind to its frontmen, and if you were quick to the click, maybe you snagged yourself a ticket to Blink-182’s reunion tour in 2023/24. Let the coinflip begin! Here’s the best and worst fates of 15 iconic ’90s frontmen.

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