15 Ways We’re Destroying Our Relationships, According to Science

15 Ways We’re Destroying Our Relationships, According to Science

Not to alarm you, but you are probably doing everything wrong. We’re talking the basics: eating, pooping, breathing. How many times have you gone to the dentist only for your friendly neighborhood hygienist to identify yet another brand-new way you’ve been brushing your teeth wrong? It’s a wonder you can get out of bed in the morning. Hell, you’re probably doing that wrong, too.

So how on earth could you be expected to maintain functional adult relationships? Those things are more booby-trapped than Kevin McAllister’s teenage porn drawer. Even when it seems face-punchingly obvious what you should or shouldn’t do, you might be wrong. Ever found a partner clearly upset by something too basic to even talk about, but you have no idea what you did? Welcome to hell. At least science is here to tell you how you fucked up. x x x x x x x x x x

Most of Them Involve Time Travel, Guys

Ways you're destroying your relationships Watching romantic comedies. You're the most romantic person you know. Hell, you have The Notebook on repeat in the background 24/7. So why are you so miserable? It turns out those rom-coms may be giving you unrealistic expectations. CRACKED

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