They say no one wants to work anymore, but consider the fact that… no one has ever wanted to work. Because work sucks! 

Even and especially in the days of yore, when the world was full of absolute batshit professions. From calculating comets to calculating NASA flight paths, from night owls with sticks to infants for rent, from sniffing out the truth to sweeping for coins, from churchgoers beware to royal fireplaces need royal care, from stink your way to success to Polish fighters, from cotton scavenging to bringing a mourner to your funeral, from scavenging in sewers to connecting the dots, and from flaming torches to criminal gangs – these professions have been forgotten in the modern world, but they remain a testament to the ingenuity and resourcefulness of our ancestors. This list celebrates the unique and often bizarre jobs of the past, and the people who made them their livelihood. So, without further ado, let us take a journey through the strange and wonderful world of historical professions.

Churchgoers beware: Dog-whippers on patrol.

Jobs that no longer exist Dog Whippers Dog whippers were paid by the churchwarden to keep order in the churchyard. They used tongs and a whip to control both dogs and badly behaved parishioners. CRACKED

John Gipkyn

The Guardian

Bring a mourner to your funeral - no talking allowed.

Jobs that no longer exist Professional Mourners Victorian professional mourners, known as mutes, were hired by wealthy families to make funerals seem well attended, and were expected to be quiet and somber. CRACKED

Robert William Buss

Funeral Guide

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