15 Celebrities We Forgot Had Talk Shows

15 Celebrities We Forgot Had Talk Shows

20th Television, 

Hold on, Zach Galifianakis had a real talk show? Without ferns? Who knew!

In the hunt for the next Johnny Carson, Ellen, or even Oprah, networks have snatched up countless celebrities who were hot at the moment, and hoped audiences everywhere would want to see them talk. Sometimes a person’s fame isn’t enough to hold an audience’s attention, and sometimes the host in question is known for a character they played, and surprise, surprise, they’re nothing like that character in real life.

When we see just how many times the talk show format has been tried, we gain new appreciation for the longevity of the Conan O’Briens and Graham Nortons of the world.

What we (and the people on this list) learned here is that keeping a talk show upbeat and interesting is a lot harder than it looks, so here are 15 celebrities that we totally forgot had their own talk shows.

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