If 'Ellen' Actually Ends, Then Who Should Replace Her?

The replacement for Ellen has some big sneakers to fill.
If 'Ellen' Actually Ends, Then Who Should Replace Her?

The news broke last week that there might be a corrosive, toxic environment occurring on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This week there are calls from Twitter to replace Ellen and even rumors that Ellen herself might want to step down.

Now, it's unclear if Ellen actually will step down or be replaced, but who knows? Some outlets are alleging that there are talks for James Corden to take over the show. I see what they're going for here. Ellen is amicable and dances. James is amicable and sings karaoke in the car. But, for all of Ellen's failings, she is also a gay icon. According to a poll by Variety, Ellen has done more to influence Americans' attitudes about gay rights than any other celebrity or public figure. It feels like a mistake to replace her with a straight, white guy even if he was part of the cast of Cats. (Actually, maybe that's all the more reason not to choose him.)

So then who should replace Ellen? My pick would be Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye. He has the likeability factor that once propelled Ellen to superstardom. He's fashionable, trendy, and could bring along with him the entire Queer Eye cast for guest appearances. He has come out as non-binary making him a natural successor to move the conversation on LGBTQIA+ issues forward. But most importantly, he's hilarious.

But if JVN isn't your MVP, then there are other great choices courtesy of Twitter as well.

It might be the end of an era, but even if Ellen does end up riding off in disgrace, at least she'll have a near half a billion dollars to comfort her. 

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