Fan Favorite Movie and TV Characters Whose Actors Lived Cursed Lives

Child stars, tragic endings.
Fan Favorite Movie and TV Characters Whose Actors Lived Cursed Lives

From the heights of fame to the depths of tragedy, the lives of stars often take a dramatic turn, and this list is no exception. From the Our Gang comedy series to the Power Rangers, Glee, and beyond, these 15 stars have experienced a rollercoaster of highs and lows throughout their lives, from success and fame to addiction, depression, and even death. We invite you to explore the stories of these 15 famous stars, from their beginnings to their struggles and successes. From Carl Switzer’s untimely death in a brawl over cash to Jason David Frank’s confirmed suicide, Anton Yelchin’s tragic accident, Cory Monteith’s overdose, Drew Barrymore’s institutionalization, Corey Haim’s struggles with drugs and sexual abuse, Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O’Neal’s tumultuous relationship, Tatum O’Neal’s addiction and custody loss, Michael J. Fox’s drunken night, Judy Garland’s lifelong battle with addiction, Kirsten Dunst’s depression and family denial, Mary-Kate Olsen’s mysterious health issue, Sofia Vergara’s heartbreaking story of kidnapping, addiction, and deportation, Kelsey Grammer’s struggles with grief and the law, and Jim Carrey’s relationship with Cathriona White ending in her death, these stories are heartbreaking, yet inspiring in their own way. We hope that by exploring these stories, you will gain insight into the lives of these stars and the struggles they faced in the spotlight.

Addicted to Drugs, Judy Garland’s Life Ended Too Soon.

Actors with cursed lives Judy Garland DOROTHY GALE in THE WIZARD OF OZ Garland suffered a lifetime of mental and physical health problems due to her addiction to alcohol, barbiturates, amphetamines, and other illicit drugs, leading to her death in 1969. CRACKED



'Power Rangers' star tragically dies: Suicide confirmed.

Actors with cursed lives Jason David Frank TOMMY OLIVER in MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Frank's wife Tammie confirmed that the Power Rangers star died by suicide at 49. She also shared that the couple had been trying to work through their problems, and had reconciled shortly before his death. birth CRACKED

Tragic accident: Anton Yelchin dies at 27

Actors with cursed lives Anton Yelchin PAVEL CHEKOV in STAR TREK Yelchin died at the age of 27 in an accident involving his car, which pinned him against a security fence and caused him to suffer blunt traumatic asphyxia. CRACKED

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Kidnapping, addiction, deportation: the Vergara family’s heartbreaking story

Actors with cursed lives Sofía Vergara GLORIA PRITCHETT in MODERN FAMILY Vergara moved to the U.S. with her family in 1998 after her older brother Rafael was murdered in a kidnapping plot gone wrong. Her brother Julio then spiraled into drug and alcohol addiction, and was eventually deported back to Colombia in 2011. CRACKED

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The Sun

Michael J. Fox: Drunken night ends in shock.

Actors with cursed lives Michael J. Fox MARTY McFLY in BACK TO THE FUTURE Fox realized he had to stop drinking after he passed out on the living room sofa and his wife Tracy Pollan found him there the next morning. CRACKED

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Tatum O’Neal: Struggling with addiction, custody loss, and a daughter’s discovery.

Actors with cursed lives Tatum O'Neal ADDIE LOGGINS in PAPER MOON O'Neal has struggled with addiction for many years, leading to the loss of custody of her children in 1995. She has been open about her struggles, including her daughter finding a syringe in her apartment. CRACKED

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Mysterious health issue leads Mary-Kate Olsen to treatment facility.

Actors with cursed lives Mary-Kate Olsen MICHELLE TANNER in FULL HOUSE Olsen entered a treatment facility in 2004 to seek professional help for a health-related issue, reportedly an eating disorder. CRACKED

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‘Glee’ star Cory Monteith: Gone too soon.

Actors with cursed lives Cory Monteith FINN HUDSON in GLEE Monteith died tragically in a hotel room due to an overdose of heroin and alcohol. Не was only 31 years old. CRACKED

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Corey Haim: From Child Star to Tragic Addiction

Actors with cursed lives Corey Haim SAM EMERSON in THE LOST BOYS Haim struggled with drugs and sexual abuse, and despite multiple attempts at a comeback, he was unable to kick off his addiction. CRACKED

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Struggles with grief, addiction, and the law: Kelsey Grammer’s journey

Actors with cursed lives Kelsey Grammer FRASIER CRANE in FRASIER Grammer has had a difficult life, with tragedies such as the death of his father and sister, as well as his own struggles with substance abuse and legal issues. CRACKED

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Cathriona White’s death casts a dark shadow on Jim Carrey’s life.

Actors with cursed lives Jim Carrey LLOYD CHRISTMAS in DUMB AND DUMBER Carrey's career in comedy and acting was born out of his difficult childhood and depression, and his relationship with Cathriona White ended tragically with her death by apparent suicide. CRACKED

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Drugs, infidelity, and family pathology: the Fawcett-O’Neal relationship.

Actors with cursed lives Farrah Fawcett JILL MUNROE in CHARLIE'S ANGELS Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal were a Hollywood power couple in the 1970s, but their relationship was tarnished by drugs, infidelity, and family pathology. CRACKED

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Kirsten Dunst battled depression, family denied rumors of substance abuse.

Actors with cursed lives Kirsten Dunst MARY JANE WATSON in SPIDER-MAN Dunst spent time in the Cirque Lodge Treatment Centre in Utah to be treated for depression in 2008, and the experience had a negative effect on her and her family, who had to deny rumors she was abusing drink and drugs. CRACKED

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Drew Barrymore: A Rollercoaster Life

Actors with cursed lives Drew Barrymore JOSIE GELLER in NEVER BEEN KISSED Barrymore has had a tumultuous life, from being a child star to struggling with addiction and being institutionalized at 13. CRACKED

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Famous child star’s life ends in brawl over cash.

Actors with cursed lives Carl Switzer ALFALFA in OUR GANG On 1959, Switzer died in a fight, allegedly about money. Не was 31. CRACKED

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