15 Questions Science Somehow Can't Answer

15 Questions Science Somehow Can't Answer

Science has existed for at least 100 years, and it’s arguably humanity’s greatest invention. In that time, we’ve figured out that mold kills bacteria, split the atom, identified the double helix, and created an entire internet, all thanks to a systematic process of knowledge and discovery (and some microscopes and stuff). Is there anything this thing can’t do?

Well, quite a lot, it turns out. We’re talking some basic-ass things, from why we yawn to how we feel pain. Look, humans are super complicated, and it’s not exactly easy to study an organ (i.e. the brain) with itself, but that doesn’t explain how we don’t even understand how bicycles work. Thought you were just commuting to clown college? Think again. Congratulations: You’re a scientific miracle performing a mysterious feat of physics. Feel free to make it the affirmation you repeat to yourself in the mirror every morning as you don your big red nose.

There’s So Much Ocean, You Guys

CRACKED HOW MANY SPECIES ARE THERE? The vast majority of species that probably exist are undiscovered, either because their habitats are inaccessible or they're too small to see. We don't even know how many probably exist. Could be five million, could be a trillion.


Always the Manipulation

CRACKED WHY DO CATS PURR? O 2 3 It's not just when they're happy! They also purr when they're scared, hurt, or trying to manipulate you. Seriously - the give me food purr is a wholly different purr.


The Devil’s Penmanship

CRACKED WHY ARE MOST PEOPLE RIGHT HANDED? It seems our brains evolved to carry out routine and complex tasks with different sides of the body, but we don't know why or how or why some freaks evolved wrong.

BBC / Eat This 

The Life-Changing Magic of Sleeping In

CRACKED WHY DO WE SLEEP? We think it might be a sort of Marie Kondoing of our brains and bodies, clearing out the chemicals that no longer spark joy, but all we really know is sometimes we get tuckered out and need a nice blankie.

BBC / Pexels 

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