15 Desperate Things Towns Have Done For Extra Cash

Can we interest you in buying landmarks as NFTs?
15 Desperate Things Towns Have Done For Extra Cash

We’ve all heard of creative ways to make money, but some towns have taken it a step further. From renaming themselves after big businesses and selling landmarks as NFTs, to advertising on fire trucks and police cars — these 15 unconventional moves by cash-strapped cities prove that desperate times call for innovative measures! 

From Corpus Christi’s water crisis with ExxonMobil in Texas, Kimberley becoming the Bavarian town of the Rockies in Canada, or Júzcar turning blue for The Smurfs 3D movie; Cannes auctioning off its iconic landmarks as Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) or Clark changing their name from Texas to DISH — you might not believe what lengths people will go through just to get extra bucks! 

We’ll also explore how American Electric Power bought out an entire town due Chicago looking into corporate sponsorships, while Halfway, Oregon changed its name temporarily… to Half.com? So buckle up, because we’re about to take a wild ride exploring fifteen bizarre things towns have done for extra cash!

Domino’s “Paving for Pizza” campaign

CRACKED DOMINO'S PAVING FOR PIZZA CAMPAIGN. (REAL PICTURE) - OH YES WE DID U.S. cities have spent hours of unpaid time helping the company advertise, in exchange for $5,000 grants to repair potholes (and pizza parties). The exposure gained by Domino's was worth much more than the money they spent on repairs.

City of Milford


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