15 Reasons to Gasp: The Wildest 'Jeopardy!' Controversies

'Jeopardy!' controversies spark outrage -- can you guess why?
15 Reasons to Gasp: The Wildest 'Jeopardy!' Controversies

Are you a Jeopardy! fan? If so, then buckle up for this wild ride of controversies that have sparked outrage from viewers and contestants alike. From questions about geopolitical events to an ill-advised clue referencing murder and suicide, the show has been no stranger to controversy over its decades on air. 

We’ll take "Weirdest Faux Pas" for $200, please. What is when Mike Richards stepped down as host due to discrimination lawsuits and offensive remarks he made on a podcast; or Mayim Bialik’s orange blazer causing online uproar; or Ken Jennings apologizing for his past insensitive tweets — but will Jeopardy! fans forgive him? These are just some of the outrageous moments in recent years that had us all scratching our heads, wondering what was going through their minds at Jeopardy!

And if these weren’t enough already, we’ve got more where those came from, including wrong West Bank clues sparking backlash; Sam Buttrey cheated out of his win thanks to King James Bible ruling (or not); POTS being referred with outdated term prompting apology by producers … and much more! 

Mayim Bialik in hot water over vaccine controversy?

Jeopardy! controversies TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: WHAT DID MAYIM BIALIK SAY ABOUT VACCINES? Bialik has been criticized for her past comments on vaccines and her role as a science EL ambassador for Neuriva, an over-the- counter supplement marketed as a way to improve brain health. CRACKED

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Can you answer what Kelly Donohue’s 'Jeopardy!' hand gesture really meant?

Jeopardy! controversies DID A JEOPARDY! WINNER FLASH A WHITE POWER SIGN? Kelly Donohue has responded to the controversy surrounding a hand gesture he made on the show, condemning white supremacy and racism of any kind. Не explained the gesture was just an intended reference to his third win. CRACKED

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'Jeopardy!' host Mike Richards’ tenure ends in a buzzer-worthy controversy.

Jeopardy! controversies MIKE RICHARDS STEPPED DOWN AMID OFFENSIVE REMARKS. Richards, announced as host of Jeopardy! stepped down due to controversy surrounding his selection, including discrimination lawsuits and offensive remarks he made on a podcast. CRACKED

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'Jeopardy!' faces a family’s fury after an ill-advised clue.

Jeopardy! controversies A BIZARRE REFERENCE TO A GRISLY MURDER. IN 2021 FUGITIVE BRIAN LAUNDRIE ENDED HIS DAYS IN FLA.'s MYАKKAHATCHEE CREEK AREA, HOME TO THESE LONG & TOOTHY CRITTERS The Laundrie family is demanding an apology after a clue referencing the murder of Gabby Petito and suicide of her then-fiancé and suspected killer, Brian Laundrie, caused backlash on social media. CRACKED

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Ken Jennings apologizes for his past insensitive tweets—but will ’Jeopardy!' fans forgive him?

Jeopardy! controversies KEN JENNINGS' UNARTFUL TWEETS. Jennings has issued an apology for his past insensitive tweets, admitting that he has tweeted some unartful and insensitive things and expressing regret for any hurt caused. Не also vowed to be kinder to others in the future. CRACKED

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'Jeopardy!' faces backlash after a controversial clue about POTS.

Jeopardy! controversies OFFENSIVE CLUE ABOUT A BLOOD DISORDER. Jeopardy! apologized for using an outdated and inaccurate term for postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), a debilitating disorder that affects blood flow. A nonprofit that promotes awareness for POTS, called the clue offensive and not acceptable. POSTURAL ORTHOSTATIC TACHYCARDIA SYNDROME IS ALSO KNOWN AS GRINCH SYNDROME BECAUSE THIS ORGAN IS TOO SMALL CRACKED

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Can you accept that 'Jeopardy!' controversies are determined by a "judgment call"?

Jeopardy! controversies CAN A JUDGMENT CALL BE THE WRONG ANSWER? Who is What is H 28 Harriy tubnary Fans have expressed frustration with the show's perceived inconsistencies in accepting Final Jeopardy! answers, which are judged based on a judgment call according to the official rules. CRACKED

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Can you read Emmett’s handwriting? Controversy ensues on ’Jeopardy!'

Jeopardy! controversies ILLEGIBLE HANDWRITING. After Emmett Stanton won for the second time in a row, his handwriting sparked controversy as some viewers questioned the legibility of his answer.

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Who is Mike Richards, 'Jeopardy!’s controversial new host?

Jeopardy! controversies MIKE RICHARDS PULLS A DICK CHENEY. Richards was involved in the selection process for a new Jeopardy! host from the start, and is believed to have manipulated the process to ensure he was chosen. CRACKED

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After 'Jeopardy!' rejection, LeVar Burton hit the 'Trivial Pursuit' board game.

Jeopardy! controversies LEVAR BURTON'S JEOPARDY! DREAM DASHED. Burton felt wrecked after not landing the hosting job, despite overwhelming fan support. Despite this setback, he has since been presented with other opportunities such as creating and hosting a new game show inspired by Hasbro's Trivial Pursuit. JEOPARDY! CRACKED

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Blazer blunder: Mayim Bialik responds to the 'Jeopardy!' controversy.

Jeopardy! controversies MAYIM BIALIK WORE THE SAME BLAZER TWICE! Bialik responded to the controversy of wearing the same burnt orange blazer twice, joking that she will never wear it again and that there is a budget on Jeopardy! CRACKED

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Fans fume as 'Jeopardy!' cites the King James Version after controversial Tournament of Champions ruling.

Jeopardy! controversies WAS SAM BUTTREY CHEATED OUT OF A WIN? Jeopardy! producers addressed the controversy surrounding the Tournament of Champions episode where fan-favorite Sam Buttrey was deemed incorrect after a divisive clue, citing the use of the King James Version of the Bible as their source. Fans were not happy with this HO ARE T explanation, calling it dismissive and ROMANS suggesting Buttrey should be compensated. M 800 CRACKED

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Co-host Mayim Bialik stirs up online controversy -- but was it her fault?

Jeopardy! controversies MAYIM BIALIK MAKES A JOKE, OUTRAGING NERDS. Bialik facetiously referred to the first round as Single Jeopardy, and got a ton of backlash from longtime fans. She insists that it was scripted, and that producers would have had her redo it if it wasn't right. CRACKED

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