15 Studies That Prove Scientists Are Huge Pervs

Punishing your privates for science!
15 Studies That Prove Scientists Are Huge Pervs

Sex is both the most natural and hilariously weirdest thing we do (we are totally getting it, nightly, we just don't talk about it a lot - believe us), so it makes sense that it’s a topic ripe for scientific inquiry. There are so many questions demanding answers: What makes us attracted to some people and not others? How often does the average person have sex with how many different partners? Why do dicks look like that? Seriously, why?

But the scientifically fascinating nature of sex is also a great cover story for so-called scientists who clearly just want to get their freak on and then force other scientists to read about it (which may or may not also be part of their freak). From studies that seem a little too close to overt voyeurism for comfort to straight-up hammering their own ballsacks, it’s clear that these researchers had a little more than scholarship on their minds.

Living It Up When You’re Going In (and Out)

Sex in an MRI. Scientists convinced their subjects to have sex with each other and by themselves while an MRI machine took pictures of their genitals for... um... well, it's not totally clear why. Their conclusion is basically, Yes, it turns out we can do that. CRACKED.COM


Operation Midnight Climax

This MK-Ultra side project was more of a party. It basically consisted of hiring sex workers to drug men and let nature take its course while the CIA watched, which somehow proved something about Soviet mind control techniques. CRACKED.COM


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