15 Times Math Helped In Very Non-Mathy Situations

Data is changing the face of sports (and other stuff).
15 Times Math Helped In Very Non-Mathy Situations

With data analysis becoming increasingly prevalent in society, it was only a matter of time before it began to revolutionize the world of soccer. Soccer has always been a game that relies heavily on instinct and split-second decision making; however, with the introduction of detailed performance analysis, players are now able to make more informed decisions on the pitch. This shift has resulted in strikers shooting less from a distance and wingers passing instead of crossing, as they look to capitalize on their teammates' strengths.

While some older athletes may be resentful of this nerd takeover, there is no denying that data-driven methods have yielded better results than traditional ones. In fact, data has actually enhanced the viewing experience by providing new ways for us to understand and appreciate sport. For example, concepts like 3 > 2 would not have existed without SportVU cameras tracking player movements throughout an NBA game. These little cameras sparked a whole decade worth of changes in how basketball is played; we see pace acceleration and record numbers of three-point attempts per game, because coaches can now rely on concrete evidence when making strategic decisions regarding playing style.

The 'Futurama' theorem: no matter how many mind swaps have been made, they can all be undone with only two extra people.

n I CFi i A 1-dt The Futurama Theorem. Created by Futurama writer Ken Keeler for the Season 6 episode The Prisoner of Benda, this states that regardless of how many mind switches between two bodies have been made, they can still all be restored to their original bodies using only two extra people. CRACKED

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The data on IMDb can be used to see how successful a particular concept will be.

- - P - - - - - S = Andor - - - n 1-nd CFi H P IMDb data is used for film research. The data on IMDb can be theorized through tables, graphs, and charts, from broad to highly specific categories. Studios can get an idea of whether a particular concept will be leading the box office charts, or crashing before it even starts. I - - - - - adidas - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - . - - I - - (2 I - - EOCRACKED


Analytic Steps

Data is changing the face of soccer, from how transfers are made to how coaches make decisions.

P CFi m Z E Data is changing the way soccer is played. Performance data is sent to players within minutes of the final whistle, giving them detailed feedback. These insights have caused strikers to shoot less frequently from a distance, and wingers to pass more often. CRACKED EOG



Whoa, physicists just figured out how to make information more robust by shooting lasers at atoms in a Fibonacci sequence.

CRACKED Scientists used lasers and Fibonacci to create a new phase of matter. A= I de Physicists shot a laser at atoms in a Fibonacci sequence, and found that it created a new phase of matter. This new phase is more robust in preserving information than the current methods used.

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