15 Incredible Real-Life Achievements By Major Celebs

15 Incredible Real-Life Achievements By Major Celebs

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How about a game of Mad Libs? 

___ revolutionized the congas. ___ testified at the Hague. ___ was a Morse Code operator who was one of the first people to learn about Joseph Stalin's death. An episode of ___ saved a dude from going to prison, because he was able to find himself in the background of one scene. ___ patented a device to make cleaning up poop just a little bit easier. ___ made a celebrity appearance at CrimeCon, and ended up helping to solve an actual murder. Somewhat similarly, ___ testified in a murder trial, when the woman he was going to go on a date with was found murdered. Frankly, that one sounds just a tag fishy, no matter who the celeb in question is. ___ invented a custom shoe that allowed him to perform a dance move thought to be impossible. Pretty good basketball player ___ met extremely successful brutal dictator ___, back in ___, and for a while, was one of the only Americans in contact with the rogue nation.

All that, and more, below!

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando created a new tuning system for conga drums. In addition to acting, Brando was also passionate about conga drums. Не went as far as to create a new tuning system for them, and invent a motorized device to help tune the drums more easily. CRACKED

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