Allegedly Revolutionary Technology That Has Failed Miserably

Allegedly Revolutionary Technology That Has Failed Miserably

Too soon. Too dangerous. Too much promise with too little delivery. Too … Elon-y? These qualities make for some of the biggest and best tech failures of all time. You have to hand it to creators with big dreams though. They had what they thought was a game-changing technological advancement, and they even had the salesmanship to raise millions (in some cases billions) of dollars to bring their vision to life.

The idea itself was so big and bold that we desperately wanted to believe in it, but that kind of hype made these blunders all the more glaring. That’s the thing about imagination… The physical world can rarely match our fantasy. They wanted so badly to change the world, but something along the way — whether it was timing, a massive oversight, or even an outright lie — turned what could have been revolutionary technology into these complete and utter failures.

Lorex Care & Share Baby Monitors

CRACKED Incendiary baby monitors. Lorex's baby monitor had motion tracking, night vision, and an ability to snap pics. All that tech cramming caused 488 reports of burn-temperature overheating, and cases of the battery pack expanding enough for the outer casing to shoot right off.

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Tesla’s “Full” Self-Driving Feature

CRACKED Tesla's self-driving cars plow through child-shaped objects. The Dawn Project ran multiple tests where a car in full self-driving mode mowed right over some child dummies. Tesla has since sent multiple cease-and-desist letters, while Tesla fanboys have called for using actual children to prove that the feature works. ONE 100mg - - ОКИ -

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