Swedish streaming giant Spotify has been in the public eye for a myriad of controversies, from the exodus of musicians over Joe Rogan’s COVID-19 misinformation to its much maligned artist payment methods, but the company’s history is as verified as its extensive artist catalog. Despite the prevalence of streaming music (and streaming EVERYthing, really) today, it's easy to forget that this was far from the dominant form of accessing music even relatively recently. In the before times, when home internet dripped slowly through physical pipes and tubes, streaming wasn't even an option, and even when internet speeds caught up to demand most people downloaded copies of albums and movies to play locally off their computer. Enter: Napster. Yes, it was sailing the high seas that brought the idea of moving music over the internet into the public consciousness. 

Let’s take a look at some of the successes and misfires of the controversial company. 

Apple lost a case against Spotify.

Apple and Spotify have a long running feud. CRACKED.COM The two tech giants have had multiple disputes with each other since 2019, when Spotify accused marketplace guideline changes as an attempt by Apple to gate keep the business. Spotify won a major victory in 2021 when the EU labeled Apple's practices as uncompetitive.

Android Authority / INC 

Podcasts are taking center stage.

Spotify is shifting focus to podcasts. GRACKED.COM While founded as a music streaming service, podcasts have slowly become Spotify's focus. The company has attributed music of its growth over the past few years to its growing podcast acquisitions like The Joe Rogan Experience.

Variety / SEJ 

Spotify was challeneged by many iconic artists.

Neal Young wasn't the first classic rocker to challenge Spotify. CRACKED.COM In early 2021, 156 artists including Paul McCartney and Kate Bush signed a letter to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to act on economic changes to music streaming, saying that current practices were threatening the future of music.

The Guardian / NBC 

Spotify owns a huge percent of the industry.

Unsurprisingly, Spotify controls a huge chunk of music streaming. CRACKED.COM 31% of the 523 million total music streaming subscribers are Spotify users. Apple Music is a far off second with 15% of users.

Mac Rumors / The Auris 

The CEO invests in the military.

Daniel Ek invests in Al military tech. SUITS SU CRACKED.COM In late 2021 Spotify CEO drew ire after it was reported that he invested 100 million euros in the German company Helsing, which makes Al-driven defense and security software.

NME / Variety 

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