13 Fun Sized Animals That Could Easily Kill You

A slow loris would mess you up, dude.
13 Fun Sized Animals That Could Easily Kill You

It's a beautiful summer day in North Queensland, and you're enjoying a swim off the shore. Without even noticing, you're stung by the 1 cubic centimeter large Irukandji jellyfish. At first it just feels like a mosquito bite and you think nothing of it. Gradually, however, the symptoms become apparent and more intense. Your head is killing you, you have a back ache and muscle pains, you're having trouble breathing, you feel nauseous and start vomiting and your lungs start to accumulate liquid. Worst of all is the intagible symptom often reported with Irukandji syndrome: a psychosis that gives the victim an eerie sense of impending doom. Symptoms can last a month, if you survive. 

Who would have thought that some of the most dangerous animals on the planet can often be smaller than a baseball. From venomous mammals to deceptively deadly marine life, here’s 13 tiny animals that could still easily ruin your day. 

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