20 Bonkers Facts About Eminem, Charlize Theron, And The Very Dignified Sport Of Ferret-Legging

20 Bonkers Facts About Eminem, Charlize Theron, And The Very Dignified Sport Of Ferret-Legging

The ball-and-chain flail probably never saw widespread use, despite being present in all of our favorite medieval shows and movies. It makes sense why it’s featured in sweaty, sword-and-sandal combat - the image of the terrifying weapon being clutched by a monstrous warrior as he swings the spiked ball around on its chain, the noise reverberating faster and faster in your head as it draws near, is an effective visual cue that we should be peeing our loincloths. 

The morning star, which is a spiked ball on the end of a club, actually was used in real life for one very important reason: with the ball not being on the end of a chain, there was less of a chance you’d accidentally crush your own skull as it swung around.

Alas, the ball-and-chain flail belongs in the “you’d probably hurt yourself more than your opponent” bin of fantasy weaponry, like light sabers and velociraptors.

A small marsupial bangs until it disintegrates.

A type of small Australian mammal mates itself to death. CRACKED.COM The male of a tiny marsupial species called the antechinus goes into a mating frenzy once in its short life and has sex with as many females as possible until his body disintegrates.

NatGeo / Wikipedia

An all-woman town council was elected in 1920 by a margin of 2-1.

In 1920, the town of Jackson, Wyoming elected an all-female town council. CRACKED.COM The petticoat rulers won by a margin of 2-1 over the men, drawing the most voters the town had ever seen. They served for 3 years and did a great deal to clean up the notoriously lawless town.

Atlas Obscura 

Charlize Theron was introduced to a talent agent after yelling at a bank employee.

Charlize Theron was discovered by a talent agent when she was yelling at a bank teller. CRACKED.COM The teller had refused to cash a check the 19-year-old Theron needed to pay her rent. She got the attention of a talent agent behind her, who introduced her to casting agents and an acting school.

Indie London  / Wikipedia 

A double agent told the FBI about the attack on Pearl Harbor months in advance.

The FBI was told about the attack on Pearl Harbor before it happened but they ignored it. CRACKED.COM A Serbian double agent named Duško Popov knew about the attack on Pearl Harbor months before the attack.

The FBI  / Wikipedia 

The Death Star model was being used as a waste basket after the studio threw it out.

The original Death Star model from 'A New Hope' was used as a trash can in Missouri. CRACKED.COM Many of the set pieces and models used in the original movie were stored in a facility in 1977, but were thrown away when the studio decided that they no longer wanted to pay rent.

Fox / Star Wars 

The Molotov cocktail was named in reference to the Soviets bombing Finland.

Soviet minister Vyacheslav Molotov claimed that the bombing of Finland was a humanitarian mission. VIE CRACKED.COM Не said it was to provide food aid to starving Finns, so the Finns jokingly dubbed the incendiary device as a drink to go with the food: a Molotov Cocktail.

Kevos4  / Wikipedia 

A 50-year-old system nicknamed the Dead Hand is all that stands between us and nuclear war.

In the 1970's, the USSR built a system to work as a fail-safe in the event of a nuclear strike. CRACKED.COM It would then automatically launch multiple ICBM missiles to predetermined targets without the need for input from a human. It is still running.

Numbers Station  / Wikipedia 

Kane from Command & Conquer is the longest recurring video game actor.

The longest recurring actor in any video game franchise is Kane, from the Command & Conquer series. CRACKED GOM The role has been played by Joseph D. Kucan since 1995, with the most recent addition to the series being in 2020.

Game Informer / C&C Wiki 

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