20 Believe-It-Or-Not Facts That Really Picked Our Pumpkins

20 Believe-It-Or-Not Facts That Really Picked Our Pumpkins

Did you know that Reebok once had to recall a line of shoes because they were named after a mythological rapist? In 1997, the company released a line of athletic shoes for women called ‘Incubus.’ But after news stories broke out about the fact that Reebok had named women's shoes after a demon who preys on sleeping women, they had to recall 180,000 pairs. And, switching to biology for a moment, did you also know that opossums don't actually ‘play dead’? It may look like they're faking it when they pass out in fear, but it's actually an involuntary act. Under intense fear or stress, opossums fall into a comatose-like state that can last for hours and is accompanied by the emission of corpse-like smell. Finally, did you know that the ancient Greeks used to believe that the uterus wandered around inside a woman's body? They thought that as the uterus moved around in search of a means of conception, and this would cause ‘hysteria’ in women (that's where the word comes from, in fact).

Erin Esurance made insurance coverage too dang hot.

Esurance had to drop their mascot because too much porn was made of her. CRACKED.COM The insurance compa- ny had to stop using their cartoon mascot Erin Esurance because when searching Esur- ance online, porn would come up first.

CBS / YouTube

The ‘92 US Olympics basketball team was the most dominant squad in any sport.

The Dream Team has been called the most dominant squad ever assembled in any sport. USA USA - 75 USA O 6 RASMETIBALL . ISA BAY USA USA USA 21 GRAGKED.COM The 1992 Olympics US bas- ketball team won all of their games by an average of 44 points. The team in- cluded Patrick Ewing, Mi- chael Jordan, Charles Bar- kley, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird.

GQ / Wikipedia

A “Devil’s Advocate” was a real position.

Devil's advocate was a real job within the catholic church. GRACKED COM The devil's advocate was called upon to deliberate on behalf of the devil for any claims of sainthood and would argue for why someone should not be made a Saint of the catho- lic church.

CBS / Wikipedia

A stunt performer was the first woman to hold a pilot’s license in the US.

The first woman in the US to hold a pilot's license was of African and Native American descent. GRAGKED.COM In 1920, Bessie Coleman found a financial sponsor through a newspaper, trav- eled to France, and learned how to become a stunt pi- lot. She returned to the US as Queen Bess.

LA Times / Wikipedia

A steel plant paid it’s workers with $2 bills to highlight their importance on the local economy.

In 1989, Geneva Steel paid its employee bonuses in $2 bills to illustrate the company's effect on the economy. TWO DOLLARS TWO DOLLARS 2 THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE 2 A A 07717000A 1 WASHINGTON.D.C. 1 G A DE OT A07717000 A FK G 17 1 Dave Enobede Sabal SERIES 2003 I State Secondary of Be Smarry MEFFERSON MIED UNTTEDSTATESOFAMERICA TWO DOLLARS TWODOAARS LIMER DOLLARS CRACKED.COM When the bills began to appear in different places, people recog- nized the importance of the company to the local economy.

Deseret News / Wikipedia

Ancient Greece believed the uterus wandered around the inside of a woman.,

People in ancient Greece believed that the uterus could wander around the body like an animal. CRACKED COFF As the uterus ambled around the body cavi- ty in search of a means of conception, it would cause hyste- ria in women.

LitHub / Wikipedia

Reebok had to recall a line of shoes because it was named after a mythological rapist.

In 1997, Reebok released a line of athletic shoes for women named 'Incubus.' Reebok CRACKED.COM They immediately had to recall 180,00 pairs of these shoes after news stories broke out that Reebok had named women's shoes af- ter a mythological demon that violates women in their sleep.

Snopes / Wikipedia

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