27 Fun Facts That Sprung Loose From Our Fact Factory

We gotta get these facts under control!
27 Fun Facts That Sprung Loose From Our Fact Factory

We don't know how to tell you this… But there's been an accident at the Fact Factory, everyone. We normally pride ourselves on keeping all of our interesting facts about pop culture, science, and history all under containment and neatly catalogued; but mistakes happen. At this time, we believe an employee has fallen asleep at the Giant Fact Wheel, resulting in a catastrophic spill of Cool Fun Facts all over the place. 

We understand the devastating impact this will have on the ecology of the surrounding environment. We are asking for volunteers to please strap in and help soak up all of these Extremely Interesting Bits of Trivia into their sponge-like brains to prevent lasting and irrevocable damage to the area. Once we contain the spill, we will renew our efforts to ensure an accident like this never takes place again. 

That said, we absolutely refuse to pay a fine. Enjoy the facts! 

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