Innovative Ways People Have Allegedly Cheated In Sports

Cheaters never win...until they do.
Innovative Ways People Have Allegedly Cheated In Sports

Whoever said cheaters never win hasn’t been paying much attention to competitive sports. Cheaters may not always win, but plenty of winners cheat. And what matters to us is that they’re doing it in creative, interesting ways. Steroids? Boring and overdone. Stop that. Throwing games to win bets? Yawn. Nothing is fun about losing on purpose. Make up a fake high school to have a football team, manage to get that BSHS team televised on ESPN, and have your 20-something-year-old “students” lose to actual high schoolers? Okay, okay, we’re listening. 

Here are 10 times people may or may not have broken the rules to get ahead in sports. Hey, you gotta reward innovative strategy. Some of us are born with brawn, and some people are born with a twisted imagination of how to win athletic competitions. We even cheated ourselves by including one that wasn’t really cheating (even though the team did get punished for it so maybe it is). 

CRACKED 20 BASEBALL Groundskeeper Emil Boussard moved Cleveland's portable fences as far as 15 feet when Babe Ruth visited. His son was also a groundskeeper who would supposedly freeze balls, raise baselines, and soak the area around first base.

Formula 1

CRACKED FORMULA 1 At the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, Nelson Piquet Jr. allegedly intentionally crashed into the wall to give his teammate Fernando Alonso an advantage, winning him the race.

Photo: Shutterstock, Source: ESPN 


CRACKED FISHING Jake Runyan and Chase Cominsky won a recent fishing tournament, but a viral videeo appears to show the officials inspecting their fish and discovering they were stuffed with lead weights and other types of fish fillets.

Photo: Shutterstock, Source: NPR


CRACKED SOCCER The masseur of a Brazilian football club ran onto the field and blocked two goals. Probably not actually cheating since it doesen't seem like the team was in on it, but we had to mention it for creativity.

Photo: Shutterstock, Source: Reuters

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