16 Time Travel Methods Pop Culture Dares Us to Try

Pick one at your own risk.
16 Time Travel Methods Pop Culture Dares Us to Try

Time travel has been a wish that mankind has had ever since the first caveman tripped and fell on that one rock that they didn’t see. We all want to be able to either rectify the mistakes of the past or look toward the future to prepare for what’s next. Putting aside whether or not it is scientifically possible to travel through time, the next question is, “How would you do it?”

Pop culture has created several fictional methods to accomplish time travel, from the “plausible on the surface” all the way up to “the movie only had five bucks left in its budget, shut up” in terms of possibilities and options. With all of these options, several have their advantages and drawbacks, so which one would you dare to try?

Here is a list of time travel options that movies, TV, and comics have provided for you to choose at your own risk.

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Time Travel Methods Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure TE F ONE Use a time-traveling phone booth Effective, but inconvenient due to cramped space, the need for quarters, and the fact that a modern phone booth looks out of place at any time before the 1970s and after 2003. CRACKED.COM

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Image Credit: MGM

DC Comics

Time Travel Methods DC Comics Use your Speed Force powers on a special treadmill Ever wanted to go back and forth through time while also getting your steps in? If you get access to the Speed Force, you'll ditch your Peloton for a Cosmic Treadmill in a flash! CRACKED.COM

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Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Time Bandits

Time Travel Methods Time Bandits Use a map to find time portals The only way you can attempt this is if you take the map from the Time Bandits. Good luck on that. CRACKED.COM

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Time Travel Methods Ride a forwards time machine that lets you circle back in time If time is an endless loop, it takes time to go forward to circle back through time. If only there was a time machine that could make your time machine go back in time to save time from waiting for the forwards time machine to- and we just had an aneurysm. Futurama CRACKED.COM

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Image Credit: 20th Century Animation

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