31 Good Moments Hidden Deep in Not-So-Good Movies

Bad things don’t have to be ALL bad...
31 Good Moments Hidden Deep in Not-So-Good Movies

Weve all had that sinking moment of dread: The movie youve just sat down for might not actually be very good. If youre lucky, itll be fun bad” — the kind of whole-hog stinker that results in memes and in-jokes with your friends for years. But more likely, youre just in for 120 minutes of an uninspired slog. 

But hey, youre in luck! Even the worst movies can have a few shining moments that manage to be worth your time. Below weve collected many of the actually good moments sitting in famous movies that famously arent any good. Is it worth sitting through their entire run times just to see these moments? Thats obviously your call, but were willing to bet reading about them will be good enough. 

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